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STEM Tournaments in School

STEM Tournaments in School

There are a million ways to engage students with STEM learning, but when you turn it into a competition, you reach a new level of engagement and excitement. STEM tournaments in school are an excellent way for kids of all ages to build critical skills and have fun too! There’s a time and a place […]

Geospatial Education for Kids

Geospatial education for kids

Using technology in education means thinking outside the box. Or, in this case, outside of the map. Geospatial education for kids can change the face of STEM learning, even for elementary students. Technology is constantly evolving, and geospatial skills are now essential to nearly every industry, from banking to forestry. Geospatial education is more than […]

Drone Tournaments in School

Drone Tournaments in School

If you’re looking for a way to implement drones in your school, try a friendly competition like a drone tournament. Drone tournaments are one-day competitions where kids will practice their critical thinking and problem-solving skills- using drones, of course. Creativity and organization are vital to having a successful tournament. The possibilities for each drone challenge […]

The Drone Legends Program in Action: An Interview With Lily Kulchitskaya

drone programs

How does the Drone Legends program work in schools? We interviewed Lily Kulchitskaya, after school program manager at a large west coast school district, to find out. Read to learn what it’s like to run our drone education program for kids! What is it like to set up a Drone Legends program? First, we organize […]

Drone Technology Education (for Kids!)

drone technology education

For kids, drones are always a fun time.  Let’s be honest, kids love tech.  But education? That’s not always a fun concept to a kid. So… what if we combine the three?  Enter: drone technology education.  Read on to learn how drones help kids learn STEM and develop real-world skills in unforgettably fun ways. Kids […]

Drones for School Programs: an Administrator’s Guide

school administrator

Drones are trending in schools these days— and for great reasons. If you work at a school, you’ve heard stories from colleagues or students about the “W-O-W” of drone programs.  Does this mean you should consider a drone education program for your school?  Keep reading to learn how drones can benefit everyone from your school […]

Drones and Agriculture: Drone Legends Interviews Dimitra

drones agriculture

This is the first in a series to inspire everyone in the Drone Legends community (administrators, educators, volunteers, parents, and kids) with a peek into how drones are used in the real world. First up, we’re exploring drones and agriculture. Ben Wark, a director from the international AgTech company, Dimitra, shared with us how drones […]

Drone Clubs Near Me

Drone Clubs Near Me

Joining a drone club is THE FUNNEST way to learn and explore mechanics, flight, coding, and more. Many drone clubs are popping up these days, giving kids and adults a sharper knowledge of STEM in a hands-on, get-in-the-mix, work-together environment.  If you’re wondering where to get kids involved with drones or learn how to fly […]

Drones and Enrichment Programs

drones enrichment programs

Enrichment programs aren’t only for the gifted kids who buzz through classroom coursework with ease. Extracurricular programs can fuel the interests of any student.  To meet the demand for STEM learning, drone enrichment programs are launching everywhere. (We’re stoked to see it!) Drones and enrichment programs give students real-world experiences. These include hands-on STEM application, […]

Drones and Problem-Based Learning (PBL)

drones and problem based learning

Drones can help kids adopt a strong problem-solving approach to learning. They try. They fail. They immediately see how and why they failed. They troubleshoot. They try again. We love watching that grit grow, as kids need to persevere through problems and use all of their cognitive powers to find solutions. Drones and problem-based learning […]