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My daughter has been absolutely loving her sessions with Drone Legends!
A month into these classes and she is not just flying her drone more confidently, but also learning computer coding and shooting aerial videos with her Tello. She looks forward to these classes and is eager to learn more.

Curriculum Materials for:
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& Anytime Adventures

Drone Legends is powered by a team of the relentlessly curious, the passionately innovative, and the tenaciously inventive. Kids don’t see limits and boundaries the way adults do, and we are here to provide groundbreaking drone education that protects that fearlessness.

drone summer camp

Our unique approach to drones in school and coding drones is delivered in a cutting-edge curriculum design. Research-backed and standards-aligned, our curriculum materials support classroom instruction, afterschool programs, seasonal enrichments, and even weekend fun. Kids learn how to connect STEM concepts to everyday life, and engage in transformative, hands-on learning experiences.

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When we give children the respect and independence to explore information in a way that works for them, they often come alive with enthusiasm. Students thrive when they dig into real-life problems, exploring new subject matter with their hands’
Vonae Tanner
Sr. Director, Curriculum and Learning

Drones in School & Beyond:
STEM Fundamentals
Designed by Educators

The pressure to implement increasingly complex science, technology, engineering, (art!), and math programs is immense. Even the best educators are unlikely to be technologists or engineers.

Drone Legends was designed for educators by educators, providing engaging and academic STEM curriculum, delivered through exciting drone missions!

Drone Education +
Social Emotional Skills

We believe every person is destined to fulfill a unique role in this world. Kids need a STEM curriculum that addresses their holistic development, and that’s where our unique STEM + SEL pairing comes in. Drone Legends missions are only accomplished when strategic planning and critical thinking are carried out with compromise, teamwork, and bold decision-making.

Studies have shown that social emotional development directly impacts academic success. Our STEM Fundamentals activities lay the groundwork for:

Next Gen Problem Solvers:
Problem-Based Learning (PBL)

Real life decisions are complicated, and there is often no one right way to solve a problem: innovators need to think outside the box. Problem-based learning (PBL) is the best frontier for encouraging flexible thinking.


We have all of the resources to help you facilitate simulations, missions, and PBL experiences:

We’re on a shared mission to empower the next generation of geniuses.

Curriculum Design You Can Trust

Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS)

Common Core ELA-Literature and Math

International Society for Technology in Education (ISTE)

Computer Science Teachers Association (CSTA)

Do you need the curriculum aligned to your state standards? No problem! Our team of alignment specialists will map it to your state’s standards upon request.

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