Drone Legends

Embark on the Egyptian Expedition

Discover our latest drone adventure in a simulated flight environment.

Preview the magic of the Egyptian Expedition

Get access to the Egyptian Expedition now bundled with our STEM Fundamentals program!

The Egyptian Expedition is an innovative learning experience where students apply their STEM, coding, and critical thinking skills to fly a drone in a simulated environment.

Throughout 8 exciting missions, students will code and fly their virtual drone in the Egyptian landscape, uncovering hidden clues that lead them to the ultimate treasure!

This program reinforces math and problem-solving skills as students keep track of their progress in their Drone Pilot notes.

  • Self-paced, student-led missions with minimal teacher instruction necessary
  • Can be completed individually or in teams of two
  • No physical drones required
  • No prior coding or drone flight experience needed for student or teacher
  • Compatible with Chrome and Safari browsers