Gimbal flying and winking

Designed for the curious minds of grades K-3, Gimbal is more than a mascot—he’s a young explorer, as eager and full of wonder as the students he accompanies.

In this program, Gimbal and the students embark on a journey through a world rich in storytelling and imagination. Each lesson is an adventure, where learning about STEM is seamlessly integrated into playful scenarios.

Little Legends is crafted to spark curiosity and foster a love for discovery in young learners. Whether it’s solving puzzles, engaging in interactive games, or participating in hands-on activities, every experience is designed to lay a solid foundation for STEM education while capturing the magic of childhood exploration.

With each story told and challenge met, Gimbal’s youthful energy infuses learning with excitement, transforming the educational experience into an enchanting quest that resonates with young hearts and minds.

As students progress to grades 4-8, Gimbal too evolves, becoming a sage guide in the STEM Fundamentals program. His presence is a constant as he ages with the students, leading them through real-world scenarios that blend education with impactful action.

Under Gimbal’s guidance, students engage in heroic STEM missions, such as fighting fires with ‘dragon eggs’ to execute controlled burns—a technique as practical as it is thrilling.

They’ll venture through the terrain of Rwanda, simulating the delivery of anti-venom to snakebite victims, turning a lesson into an immersive experience that encompasses logistics, geography, and the critical role of technology in humanitarian efforts.

Gimbal’s journey is a reflection of our students’ progression from imaginative learners to empowered leaders.

His transformation from a playful ally in mythical escapades to a knowledgeable mentor in sophisticated operations mirrors the growth we inspire in our students.

As the face of Drone Legends, Gimbal encapsulates the leap from fantasy to reality, emphasizing the importance of both creative thinking and practical problem-solving.

Join us, and let Gimbal lead you and your students on an unforgettable exploration through the realms of creativity and the frontiers of STEM. With Gimbal as your guide, the Drone Legends experience is not just about reaching new educational heights—it’s about taking flight toward a future where learning is alive with possibility.