Inside Every Child
Lives a Legend

Drone-themed STEM education curriculum designed for teachers, by teachers. Start creating tomorrow's Legends in your classrooms today!

Drone STEM Curriculum Made Easy!

So many schools today are interested in using drones as a STEM activity for their students. For good reason. Drones are incredible STEM tools!  

If you have never run a drone program before or have zero drone experience, bringing a drone curriculum into primary and middle school classrooms can be an incredibly daunting experience. We know. We’ve been there.

Until now there has been little in the way of detailed, scaffolded curriculum written within an age-appropriate zone of proximal development available to guide educators in their use.

We’re out to change that. Meet Drone Legends™.

We created Drone Legends to make teaching STEM fun, hands-on, and inclusive using one of the 21st century’s fastest growing technologies — Drones!  Our unique STEM Fundamentals curriculum uses safe, indoor drones designed for primary and middle school education. STEM Fundamentals aligns with Next Gen Science Standards, ISTE, CSTA, CCSS ELA-Literacy and Math. Need it mapped to your state standards? No problem! We’ll map the curriculum to any state-specific standards

Because Learning Should be Fun and Inspirational!

We founded Drone Legends with one simple goal, to create the most engaging STEM/Social Emotional Learning (SEL) educational program available for young children. An educational experience that we wanted when we were kids. One that inspires the imagination and supports the youthful naiveté to dream audaciously, with an unwavering faith that anything is possible!

It is our belief that inside every child lives a Legend and that our obligation as educators is to help students realize their unique potential. We empower educators to achieve this through an incredibly creative, turnkey curriculum and plentiful professional development educator support services. Your success is our priority and we’re with you every step of the way. 

 The Magic of Drones!

Kids think drones are cool. We do too! But did you know they are also a perfect educational tool? Drones in the classroom allow us to combine the physics of drone flight, the creativity of aerial cinematography, and computer coding into unique, highly interactive and engaging curriculum programs.  

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