STEM Fundamentals is Here!

Drone Legends STEM Fundamentals; an engaging Problem-Based Learning (PBL) curriculum by the leading drone-themed STEM education brand is produced with you in mind. Developed for teachers by teachers, this 15 contact hour, turnkey curriculum package empowers all teachers to be STEM teachers. Join our community today and see how fun learning can be!

STEM Fundamentals is an exciting team-based enrichment program for primary and middle-school students. The group-work format teaches students the fundamental skills associated with working as a collective unit toward a common goal. It introduces a variety of skills that will be valuable for students later in the workforce, such as communication, compromise, and collective effort.

Problem-Based Learning

Students join Gimbal, our artificial-intelligence drone on exciting missions around (and out) of this world! From finding fumaroles at Mt. Erebus in Antarctica to helping bees pollinate flowers in Japan, kids discover, take risks, fail, and try again as they engage in real-world problem solving iterative design, and intentional play. 

Drone Legends makes technology and coding tangible, hands-on, and inclusive!

Literacy-Infused STEM

Reading coupled with writing improves student learning in all disciplines. It requires students to become more actively engaged in their tasks. Enter the Student Mission Guide. This beautifully illustrated Guide is filled with 10 exciting PBL missions. Kids can’t wait to get reading and get started on their journey! Available in print or digital.

Throughout STEM Fundamentals, students write answers to questions, solve math and science problems, and discuss solutions as a team or class. They also use real-world skills that are difficult to quantify with standards, like measuring distances, drawing maps and diagrams, or planning step-by-step processes. Students are given the scaffolding they need to take ownership of their learning, with the Mission Guide at the center of the experience.

Designed for You

We understand that every teacher has their own unique pedagogical approach. That’s why STEM Fundamentals Educator Lesson Plans are more road maps than instruction manuals. They are designed to be adjustable frameworks within the structure of a systematic curriculum. As Drone Legends ambassadors, you, the educators, deliver our brand promise to the students. We, therefore, make it our priority to ensure that you are empowered to run this incredible program on your own!

The Drone Legends Portal

Our online delivery platform contains extraordinary presentations for every Mission in the program, several containing instructional videos. The Portal is also your support channel, providing direct contact to Drone Legends’ support staff standing by ready to assist you. And over time this content channel will populate with new theme-specific lesson modules, giving you more content to progress your students through their continuing Drone Legends experience. Finally, a community section allows you to communicate with other educators running the program, sharing best practices and unique insights!

Professional Development

Standard 6-hours of Professional Development, delivered in two phases, is included in the STEM Fundamentals classroom bundle.

Phase 1 covers the technical aspects of the program: how to set up and work with the drones and best practices for classroom coordination. 

Phase 2 focuses on pedagogy, classroom management, and delivery of the program so that it is magical for every student involved. You and your colleagues will participate in interactive and hands-on Drone Legends missions designed to replicate the classroom experience. 

Academically Rigorous

Don’t let the fun fool you. STEM Fundamentals is an educational curriculum aligned to the highest standards, including Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS), International Society for Technology in Education (ISTE), Computer Science Teachers Association (CSTA), and Common Core ELA-Literature and Math.

Our alignment specialists will map the curriculum to your state standards upon request.

STEM fundamentals is also a Accredited Activity. 

Coding with DroneBlocks

Our partnership with DroneBlocks allows us to bring dynamic coding applications into the Drone Legends experience. DroneBlocks is unique in that it can be applied across varying age ranges and is extremely conducive to students with diverse learning styles. An integral part of STEM Fundamentals, the DroneBlocks platform enables us to integrate math, science and logic into our real-world drone Missions!