If you’re looking for a way to implement drones in your school, try a friendly competition like a drone tournament. Drone tournaments are one-day competitions where kids will practice their critical thinking and problem-solving skills- using drones, of course.

Creativity and organization are vital to having a successful tournament. The possibilities for each drone challenge are endless, and students will build connections, community, and technical skills as they rotate through each challenge.

Whether you’re working on critical thinking, design, or just trying to get kids pumped about STEM education, drone technology is a fun way to teach students practical skills. And having a drone tournament in your school gives students the chance to show off what they’ve learned.

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How Do You Plan for a Drone Tournament?

So how do you go about hosting a drone tournament? Some parts of the day may be unpredictable, but starting with a plan is essential. Like most school events, it will require quite a bit of organization. First, we have to lay some ground rules. 

When it comes to drones, safety comes first. So start the day by having a drone safety huddle. Talk about the importance of keeping your drones in the designated areas, paying attention to what’s happening around you, and listening to teachers or volunteers.

Make sure there’s a way for students to see who’s in charge easily. To have the most successful day, ensure all participants know the drone safety rules, including judges and volunteers.

All you need to host a tournament is an indoor space, like a gymnasium, and some basic equipment. There are a million ideas for different races or obstacle courses for a drone tournament. Try to keep it simple. Stick to 3 or 4 challenges and smaller teams to allow them to rotate easily through each challenge. This allows for a greater opportunity for connection and team-building as well. 

To make the competition fair, enlist the help of a few judges. How many you need may depend on the size of your tournament, but make sure you have enough to inspect the drones before starting and at least 2-3 judges for each part of the competition. 

Keeping the Tournament Under Control

Students will be excited about the competition- and they should be! To keep things running smoothly, allow 3 to 4 teams to cycle through each station or challenge simultaneously. Remind students to stay with their group and keep drones 

Get creative with your challenges by including things like:

  • Capture the flag
  • Obstacle course
  • Search and rescue
  • Head-to-head race
  • Synchronized dancing

Depending on the level of students, you might include a final challenge for design or have students create a short presentation to share the skills they learned. Drone technology education allows students to practice math, coding, robotics, and more! 

Once each team has completed the challenges, let the judges deliberate. Revealing the winners at the end can build even more excitement. Of course, the best drone pilots deserve a trophy! But also consider winners for best teamwork or problem-solving to encourage some of the soft skills students build.

The Power of Drone Tournaments

Most kids will think there’s nothing cooler than a drone tournament. But it’s also much more than just a fun day at school. Drone tournaments can help students build confidence and improve their critical thinking skills. Even from a young age, when students are exposed to STEM learning, it opens up a world of possibilities. 

STEM education can even be a way for teachers to help bridge students’ learning gaps. Learning doesn’t just take place inside the classroom. Opportunities and events like drone tournaments allow teachers and students the freedom to apply their skills in a real way.

When kids get curious about different aspects of technology and other STEM topics, that’s when the magic happens. Events like this can not only help students learn essential skills to apply in the classroom but also help them learn to apply these valuable skills to their future.

Drone tournaments are an excellent implementation of STEM education, encouraging students to dig deeper into this type of learning. Plus, many careers out there require drone flying skills, with a list that keeps growing each day. 

Drone Legends: Drone Lessons + Drone Tournaments and more!

Drones are one of many ways to get kids talking about STEM education. Technology is constantly changing, and drone lessons lead to curiosity. Pretty soon, students will want to know how drones work and what else they can be used for. 

Host a drone tournament at your school if you want to get kids excited about drone technology. There’s nothing like a competition to motivate kids to do their best. And if you’re looking for help on how to implement a drone tournament best, we can help you get started.

From providing hands-on technical experience to teaching practical skills, we’re crazy about drones and believe in the power of what they can do. That’s why educators and administrators love our drone curriculum. 

Your students can have hands-on experience with drones as well. Want to learn more about bringing drones to your school or after-school program? Contact us to find out how you can implement drones in your curriculum.