For kids, drones are always a fun time. 

Let’s be honest, kids love tech. 

But education? That’s not always a fun concept to a kid. So… what if we combine the three? 

Enter: drone technology education. 

Read on to learn how drones help kids learn STEM and develop real-world skills in unforgettably fun ways.

Kids and Drone Education 

What do drones teach kids? The specific answer depends on what field you want to focus on. But the short answer is drones teach kids a lot.

Drones bridge the gap between education and the latest hands-on technology of today. More STEM programs are using educational drones to effectively demonstrate science, technology, engineering, and mathematical concepts in the classroom in real-time.

With the right drone curriculum, drone piloting becomes more than playing with a flying toy. It becomes a focused learning mission that builds all kinds of skills. Here are some examples:

  • Math: From early elementary school to high school material, drones can be used as the object of study and the demonstration of math principles. 
  • Coding: Yep, kids can learn to code through drone technology. Many drones allow introductory-level programming missions, where students learn the foundations of programming through arranging blocks of code. 
  • Aerodynamics: Drone piloting lets students physically learn how aerodynamic objects look, feel, react, and sometimes fail. It’s the perfect learning tool.
  • Robotics: From design and assembly to operation and maintenance of uncrewed autonomous vehicles, drones introduce kids to the world of robotics. After all, what’s cooler than mini-machines that zoom and hover in the air?
  • Critical thinking: Educational drone missions help students develop hypotheses and new ideas, as well as practice trial and error as a team, helping them become better critical thinkers. 

There are infinite possibilities in using drones for technology and education. The future itself depends on the advancement of technologies used in drones, which is why they’re so useful (and necessary) in schools today.

Where Can Kids Learn Drone Technology?

While drones in school are becoming more popular, finding an educational drone technology program isn’t always the easiest thing to do. It’s not as simple as signing up your kids for course electives (or at your school, maybe it is because you have Drone Legends — awesome!). Sometimes, you have to look around.

Here are some places we suggest finding a solid drone program for kids.

Local Drone Education Programs

Look into different STEM programs in your area. Even if a particular program is initially outside your budget, doing some online investigation can lead you to affordable drone learning options. 

Many schools and extracurricular programs hire drone companies or STEM educators to facilitate drone learning. This means an outside company comes in to run all-day or ongoing weekly lessons where kids can get their hands on drones and build their knowledge and skills over time. 

Kids Drone Camps and Clubs

Summer camps, enrichment programs, and kids’ drone clubs pack a lot of information and focused experience into a short amount of time. These types of programs can be destination-based, like week-long overnight camps where kids practice drone piloting for hours every day. 

You can find drone clubs near you or, if you’re up for it, start your own! There are so many resources available today, including the tools we offer at Drone Legends. 

Drone STEM Curriculum at School

There’s a chance your kids’ school already includes drones as part of its STEM curriculum. Whether it be an elementary science teacher or a middle school STEM honors course, educators can use drones to teach critical standards at a grade-appropriate level. 

If you’re a parent or teacher who wants to see drone STEM education at your school, check out the resources at Drone Legends to make it possible.  

Drone Learning at Home 

If the home is where some serious (but fun) learning happens, using drones is a great way to captivate kids’ attention toward STEM fields. 

Here are some ideas for teaching drones at home: 

  • Establish a drone flight course competition
  • Create indoor drone “rescue” missions
  • Challenge students to learn how to program a set of drone functions 
  • Navigate an imaginary drone planet using 3D printed objects from NASA
  • Teach drone assembly and repair so students can fix propellor damages
  • Use a drone that operates via a tablet controller or learning software 

Tip: it’s helpful to set up specific objectives or guidelines beforehand when teaching drones at home. That way, children have a goal or mission in mind and can stay focused on learning rather than blindly flying the drone for fun.

Online Drone Education for All Ages

In a pinch, online tools help kids embrace all types of technology education using drones. From YouTube to paid online courses, there’s a lot of drone content available for introductory drone learning. 

Kids can learn to build a drone and then take pride in making it fly. Online coding practice refines kids’ understanding of basic programming. Educators can use online portals to deliver accessible drone lessons to students no matter where they are. Online drone learning can be adapted for all ages, from elementary to college levels.

Drone Curriculum and Lesson Planner

No matter how kids first learn about drones, following a strategic drone curriculum takes drone tech education to new heights. Whether you’re a teacher, school administrator, parent, or camp/club director, there are some fun and ready-to-go drone lesson planners you can use.!

Ready to Share Drone Education With Kids?

If you’re a teacher or an adult who’s passionate about helping kids learn, drone technology is an epic tool for STEM-related learning. 

To get started, all you need is:

  • The right type of drone for kids
  • Enough space to instruct safe drone lessons
  • A standards-backed drone curriculum to guide the entire process 

Don’t know where to begin? We’ve got you. Reach out to Drone Legends today to get all the tools and support you need to impact students’ lives with the wonders of drones!