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To stay cutting-edge in a tech-first world, teachers who want to excel at STEM need to invest in professional development. Drone Legends is here to make that easy.


Your students already see you as a hero. We do too.

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Get course materials and presentations for every Drone Legends Mission. Includes downloads, worksheets, and instructional video clips for many lessons.



Ready for fresh teaching ideas? The Drone Legends Community Hub has all of the ideas about how to make the most of drones in the classroom. Join educators around the world in this STEM-with-drones community platform!

On-Demand Support

Log in and get a direct line to the Drone Legends staff: no digging to find a phone number. We’re standing by to help you succeed.

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We are endlessly curious, so we can’t help that we’re always creating something new. The Educator Portal will have your first look, plus opportunities to share feedback to refine every new launch.

STEM Project Based Learning Ideas

The Drone Legends Educator Portal is what takes drones in school from a short-term, hype experience into a long-term learning strategy. We are here to arm you with every resource and answer every question.

The Educator Portal is an online delivery platform that gives you full access to many course materials, including e-versions of the Educator Lesson Planner, Student Mission Guide, and Operations Manual, as well as supplemental student worksheets.

Our approach pairs teacher-guided learning (you facilitate) with student-led activities (they lead the way).

STEM Curriculum

Want to reignite a passion for learning? Our STEM curriculum provides a goal-oriented approach, sending kids on missions with tangible wins. Each task is associated with metrics for measurable skills and knowledge development.

All of the fun to hold their interest and easy planning resources in one easy-to-use package.

STEM Drones

You already know that not all STEM curriculum is created equal. We’ve taken all of the complexities and physics/engineering principles behind drones and simplified it.

Our turnkey curriculum and STEM lesson plans mean you don’t spend hours matching what we provide with your existing curriculum schedule. It’s all adaptable and customizable, perfectly supporting all of your subjects and approach to classroom management.

Drone Classes for Kids

The best learning drone is one that kids can actually get their hands on. Our products are legitimately classroom-tested and sturdy enough for curious minds and active experiences.

We also go beyond drone classes for kids, and our flexible curriculum modules are awesome for afterschool, summer camp, winter break/spring break, and even family weekends. 

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