Drone Legends

Exciting Careers in the World of Drones

careers from stem drone learning

Drones are one of the 21st century’s fastest growing technologies and with good reason! They are not only revolutionizing industries, but also creating entirely new fields of work. For young students and children, learning about these career pathways can all start with a passion for drones ignited by what they learned in the classroom. That’s […]

Introduction to Drones: The Basics

  Drones, sometimes known as unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs), are versatile pieces of technology. They are as popular with enthusiasts and professionals as they are with students! So let’s dive deep into the world of drones. Here are the basics of drones to get you started!   What Are Drones? Drones are unmanned aerial vehicles […]

Drones for Good: Unleashing Positive Impact Worldwide

Drones have emerged as powerful tools that are revolutionizing numerous industries and making a significant impact on global initiatives. Drones are actively being utilized for good, bringing about positive change in communities and the environment. In this blog, we will explore inspiring examples that showcase the diverse applications of drones worldwide. From disaster response and […]

Five Super Cool Uses for Drones

Happy International Drone Day everyone! To celebrate all that drones do for us, we’d like to share five amazing “drones for good” applications!  Are you surprised by any? Entertainment Recently, we did a webinar with award-winning drone entertainers Verge Aero on how drones are reimagining aerial entertainment. Unlike fireworks, drones are silent and more precise. […]

The Benefits of a Well-Designed Drone Curriculum for Young Students

Drone Curriculum

Drones are becoming more common, and they are altering the way we view technology. Young students should be taught about the technology and its potential as drone use increases. Students get useful STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math) skills from a well-designed drone curriculum they can apply in the real world. In this blog, we […]

Drones of the Future! What We Learned With Verge Aero

We recently had Tony from Verge Aero as a speaker on a Drone Legends webinar. Although the focus was how drones are used in the entertainment space, we learned so much more! Especially about the importance of STEM education and how school can be the perfect opportunity to show kids what their potential is.  If […]

Unlocking the Potential of Drones in Elementary Schools: A Mission for Success

STEM elementary curriculum

As a drone operator and someone who is passionate about the success of children, I have seen firsthand the impact that drones have in the classroom. As a tool for STEM education, drones offer a unique and exciting opportunity for students to learn about and explore the worlds of science, technology, engineering, and mathematics. The […]

Creating Tomorrow’s Legends Today through the Magic of Drones

Boys and Girls Club STEM programs

We had a great webinar with Sheryl Chesnutt and TJ Bruster from the Boys & Girls Club of Rutherford County. We covered a variety of topics about how Drone Legends curriculum fits with the Boys and Girls club mission and so much more. If you want to see the whole webinar, please click here. If […]

Drone Summer Camps for Kids

Have you ever thought about starting a drone summer camp?  As a teacher, you know firsthand the value of hands-on learning and experiential education. Drone camps offer just that, providing a unique opportunity for kids to learn about technology, engineering, and robotics in a fun and exciting way. But with so many options out there, […]