Drones and Construction

drones and construction

Drone technology is building a better world for all of us. Literally! Drones in the construction industry are bringing a wide range of benefits and improvements that make job sites safer, more productive, and more effective.  At Drone Legends, we believe that educating the next generation about drone technology is important to cultivate impactful and […]

Drones and Disaster Relief

drones and rescue

Imagine an affordable flying robotic tool that could support disaster relief workers in their efforts to save lives and protect ecosystems. Does it sound too good to be true? Let us introduce you to the latest disaster-relief drones and the heroic people who pilot them.  Recently, drones have been supporting relief efforts across the globe. […]

Drones and Movie Production

drones and movie production

Drones are advancing the field of STEM in incredible ways. But they’re also taking the arts industry to brilliant new levels, especially with so many possibilities of drone photography and film. In the same way the photograph revolutionized still art and video revolutionized photography, drones are changing the process for image creators everywhere. With new […]

Drones and the Weather

Drones and weather

As we continue to look at all the positive capabilities of drones for humanity, it’s clear to see that there are few limits.  Drones help farmers save crops.  Drones make global medical relief possible.  Drones empower scientists, artists, teachers, and professionals in between.  Drones can even predict the weather, and notify regions of upcoming natural […]

Drones and Healthcare

drone healthcare

Drones are saving lives. With the rise in commercial drone use around the world, people are discovering how drones can be used for good in more ways than ever.  While some might picture drones as futuristic, novel aircraft that are going to deliver your packages, these unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) are actually supporting life on […]