Drone Legends

ISTE Live 2023 has just concluded, and what an adventure! The Drone Legends booth was a flurry of activity, with our team engaging with passionate educators globally. From the hundreds of teachers with whom we spoke, we identified three themes that you told us were most important to you.

Propelling Middle and High School Learning to Thrilling New Heights

You have been clamoring for a drone-focused curriculum specifically designed for middle and high school students. We’ve heard that and we were so excited to introduce our latest offering in the Drone Legends Universe: FPV Initiator, Precision Drone Piloting Program. FPV stands for first-person-view, the most engaging and challenging way to pilot a drone. Our new curriculum is meticulously engineered to enhance quick decision-making skills and introduce students to the precision required for FPV drone piloting. The career connections associated with precision drone piloting are countless, with cinematography sitting at the top as film makers seek exciting new ways to engage their audiences.

FPV Initiator also serves as an entry point to the exhilarating world of competitive drone racing, a hybrid virtual and in-real-life (IRL) sport that’s skyrocketing in popularity. This dynamic blend of IRL and esport offers students a fun and practical way to learn vital skills, such as resilience, teamwork, and strategic thinking, by pushing individuals to adapt, cooperate, and plan effectively to overcome challenges and reach their goals. For example, participating in a drone racing competition not only hones technical skills but also develops resilience through learning to handle losses, teamwork by collaborating with others, and strategic thinking in designing optimal flight paths.

In the coming months we’ll give students a safe, secure place to compete: the Unified Scholastic Drone Racing Association (USDRA), the first and only drone racing league created exclusively for students.

Teachers across the globe have expressed their enthusiasm for more drone-based education in middle and high schools. Our FPV Initiator program does just that, with its comprehensive 12-lesson curriculum that introduces students to key drone safety measures, practical flight mechanics, and an array of potential career paths – all set in the thrilling context of drone racing. Like all Drone Legends drone curriculum, FPV Initiator is user-friendly, ensuring that it’s an excellent fit for teachers at all levels of  experience. Ready to fly right out of the box, it empowers all educators to lead their students to success.

Delivering More than Just Tech – We Make Technology Usable

A common concern you’ve expressed is the challenge of having drone technology available, but feeling unsure about how to effectively utilize it in your classrooms, after school, and summer camp programs. We get it. Unlike other companies focused almost exclusively on the technology, Drone Legends makes it our mission to ensure you can actually use these advanced technologies. We offer comprehensive solutions that turn uncertainty into confidence. As a curriculum-oriented organization, we provide the full package – cutting-edge drones, carefully designed lesson plans, and unparalleled professional development and ongoing support.

No background in drones, drone racing, coding, technology, robotics, or engineering? No problem at all. With our guidance, you can focus on your primary role: inspiring and educating tomorrow’s legends!

Combining Exhilarating Fun with Valuable Learning

In the pursuit of engaging resources, educators strive to find tools that are both captivating and educational. Drones fit this bill perfectly. They combine excitement and inspiration, effectively capturing students’ attention.

Research shows that incorporating drones into classrooms significantly enhances technological literacy, promotes focused learning, and boosts socio-emotional development among K-12 students. Moreover, drones present students with a broad spectrum of future career opportunities. Numerous teachers have shared that our curriculum so inspired their students, they went on to secure their drone pilots’ licenses or 107 certifications.

If the idea of harnessing the thrilling power of drones in your classroom, after-school program, camp, or homeschool resonates with you, Drone Legends is ready to assist. Schedule a session with us, and experience firsthand how drones can ignite a passion for learning and instill excitement among your students. The drone pilots of the future are raring to go!