Drone Legends

Drones for Education

drones for education

Every single day, the Drone Legends team gets to witness drones being used as powerful educational tools. These little unmanned aerial vehicles have a huge impact on student learning outcomes, especially in the subjects of science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM). Even if you know that drones are useful in education, there are a few […]

Drone Research and Application

drone research and application

Drones are changing the world. Through every industry, drones strengthen human productivity and can even reach beyond machine capabilities. One of the biggest fields that drones are taking to new heights: research. Who knew drones would have such a huge impact on the way researchers collect and interpret information? To learn how drones are affecting […]

Drones and Music

drones and music

Drones are used in a growing number of industries to provide surveillance, data collection, and sometimes, life-saving assistance. As drones grow in popularity, they’re becoming a larger part of the entertainment industry. We have to admit: dancing robots are cool, but dancing drones are completely mesmerizing.  From Hollywood movies to live events, drones are versatile […]

Drones and Police

drones and police

Law enforcement agencies have a history of embracing cutting-edge technologies.  From fingerprints and DNA evidence to machine learning and artificial intelligence, police departments use advanced tools to keep our world safe. Drone technology is always getting better, making it more affordable and effective for all types of uses. The police, fire departments, and emergency services […]