Drones are used in a growing number of industries to provide surveillance, data collection, and sometimes, life-saving assistance. As drones grow in popularity, they’re becoming a larger part of the entertainment industry. We have to admit: dancing robots are cool, but dancing drones are completely mesmerizing. 

From Hollywood movies to live events, drones are versatile enough to enhance any experience. Keep reading to see how drones have turned up the volume of concerts, live festivals, and the wonderful world of music. 

Drones and the Entertainment Industry

The drone industry continues to grow each year. Drones are used in fields such as agriculture, law enforcement, real estate, and healthcare. More and more, drones are used in the entertainment industry.

What makes drones so useful in any industry is their ability to collect footage and data so efficiently and safely. For this reason, drones have been used in the entertainment industry to:

  • Capture footage from incredible angles. Many artists share recordings of their live concerts as promotional content. Drones allow remote fans to get a much wider and clearer view of what actually happened. This immerses viewers in an awesome experience, almost as if they were there in person.
  • Live-stream concerts for attendees who are far away. If you’ve ever sat in the nosebleeds at a concert, you know how hard it can be to enjoy the whole performance. Camera drones are now used to project what’s happening on stage so the audience can see everything close-up, no matter where they’re viewing from.
  • Get cool aerial shots for music videos. Musicians are constantly looking for new ways to improve their music videos, and cutting-edge technology amplifies creative potential. Many music artists today use drones in their video production to create stunning, inspiring aerial content to fully capture the mood of any song.

For musicians, putting on a good show is part of the job. Drones relieve musicians and support technicians by performing tasks that don’t need a human touch. 

During a concert, musicians have to focus on many moving parts of the performance, from playing the right chords to call-and-response with the crowd to staying in character. But when artists use drones to add value to entertainment, it frees them up to focus on entertaining as best they can.

Drones in Photography and Film

The amazing angles and views drones are capable of are another reason why they’ve become a major part of photography and film. Movie drones have only been legal since 2014, but within these few short years, they’ve revolutionized the film industry. 

Instead of having to use massive aircraft or cranes to capture aerial footage, drones can easily reveal new perspectives.

Drones have been used in recent films and TV shows, including:

  • Jurassic World Dominion 
  • Top Gun: Maverick
  • Downton Abbey: A New Era
  • Obi-Wan Kenobi

Now, it’s common to use drones in filming. Even hobbyists and kids can
create their own drone videos with the right technology. Creative students can learn skills such as photography and video editing, which helps to prepare them for a future career in an art, music, or entertainment field. 

Drones and Concerts

The overall advancements in technology have enlivened the experience of concert-goers. And as the drone industry continues to evolve, drones are more frequently becoming a part of this endeavor. Here are some examples of when drones were used to make a more exciting show!

Muse’s Drones World Tour

In 2015, the English rock band Muse played over 130 concerts across the world for their Drones album. In 2018, they released footage of this tour as a TV special titled Muse: Drones World Tour. And you guess it: drones played a huge role in the visual aspect of their performances. 

The shows began with simulated space-station launches of drones above the audience. Much of the special effects of the tour revolved around drones, featuring glowing drones in autonomous flight through certain songs, expressing the theme of the album. 

Drake and Drones

In 2018, Drake performed a concert at Madison Square Garden where he used 88 microdrones as his backup dancers. The drones he used were not only coordinated in dancing, but they also provided entertaining relief as they flew autonomously throughout the performance.

Drones at Coachella

The Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival takes place annually in Indio, California. At the 2017 festival, over 300 synchronized drones danced in synchronization to the music during an impressive light show. This show, put on by Intel, included drones taking the shape of a Ferris wheel, windmill, palm tree, and other impressive objects.

Metallica and Drones

On the WorldWired Tour in 2017, heavy metal legend Metallica performed their new single “Moth into Flame” alongside 100 drones. Metallica’s concert was the first large-scale autonomous indoor drone performance, and each microdrone displayed LED lights and several speed variations. Metallica is known for their impressive stage setups and did not disappoint on this cutting-edge tour decision. 

Ultimately, the enjoyment of a concert experience starts with the talent of musicians. But drones can make this experience more memorable, especially for those who are far from the stage. While concerts are usually more enjoyable when you’re up close with all the action, drone light shows and video footage truly captivate and entertain all audiences— no matter their distance from the music.

Rock on With Drones

Drones are no longer just tools used by the military or science hobbyists. Drones make jobs easier and safer. And sometimes, they even entertain.

When artists, performers, and event planners incorporate drones in entertainment, it has the potential to amplify the experience for everyone. Drones can make any event more exciting. And for those who wish to enter careers in entertainment, music, or stage management, drones are more relevant than ever.

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