Many schools are starting to include drones in learning programs. Why? Mainly because drones truly enhance the overall learning experience for kids of all ages, especially in relation to STEM subjects. 

Schools use drones in the classroom, after school clubs, summer camps, enrichment programs, and everything in between. 

Ready to get on board and use drones for better learning? 

You’re in the right place! 

Get a preview of the Drone Legends tools and resources you need… and keep reading to get the full scoop on how to find drones for school: 2022/2023 school year.

Drones for School Curriculum

The first thing you need to run any solid drone learning program is a STEM-based curriculum

This will ensure that you tick all the right boxes, connecting the dots between these flying machines and important STEM concepts.

When teachers unlock the magic of drones using DL, they’re equipped to walk students through the fundamentals of drone flying, spark problem-based learning in the classroom, and follow a trusted step-by-step lesson plan. 

With us, here’s what a comprehensive, turnkey drone school curriculum looks like: 

  • Student Mission Guide
  • Educator Lesson Planner 
  • Kids’ Operations Manual 
  • Professional Development Materials 
  • Access to the Drone Legends Community 
  • Supplemental Coding Classes with DroneBlocks

From our Student Operations Manual to our Online Drone Educator Portal, you’ll have everything you need to use drones in your school. (There’s a reason we’ve taken off in two short years to have a global presence in schools worldwide).

Check out the complete Drone Legends Curriculum here.

Drone Afterschool Programs

It’s not always possible to fly drones during the day in school. Don’t worry– there are still plenty of ways to incorporate drones for learning. 

Afterschool clubs and enrichment programs are prime spots for planting the bug about drones in students. After sitting in class all day listening to a lot of lecture-heavy material, kids are excited to get up and collaborate with hands-on learning. Drone flying is a lot of fun, and can still be constructive and influential.

Drones for School Clubs

School clubs that use drones allow kids to take their STEM learning to new heights. Some drone clubs at school offer general drone operation and drone building, while others focus on specific interests kids want to explore: drone racing, coding, photography, obstacle course competitions, and more. 

Drone clubs can range from advanced, fully sponsored programs to easily accessible DIY clubs with minimal barriers to entry. 

One cool thing about drones is that they are fairly affordable and can give students of all backgrounds a chance to interact with modern technology, arming them with experiences and skills to encourage them to pursue STEM in the future. 

Drones for STEM Labs

From clubs to curricula to labs, drones are powerful to stimulate exploration and experimentation in learning. They can be used for group projects, introduction to buildable concepts, physics demonstrations, and even reveal how different subjects overlap. 

The Drone Legends curriculum was created to cover all the areas of STEM (or STEAM, if you want to be thorough). Our aim is to provide educators with a full, easy-to-follow program that gets students involved in every domain.


Drones have already been used to replace sample delivery in some scientific research labs. From the field to the classroom, unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) can teach communication, recording, measuring, tracking, and even predicting. 


Kids can learn the building blocks of robotics, coding, navigation, and design– all strong aspects in our technologically advancing world today. From CAD classes to innovative flight patterns, drones give learners a chance to practice useful tech skills. 


Building, repairing, and replacing drone parts introduces learners to engineering in real-time. Drone modification and customization are great ways to spark a love for engineering in kids who enjoy building. 


Drones are the most inventive way to capture stunning aerial photography and videography from a bird’s-eye view. Creative students can gain new perspectives and make impressive art when they learn to fly drones effectively. 


Whether new to the X and Y axis or halfway through a calculus course, drones help students learn math concepts through real-world examples.

To see more examples of how students learn with drones, read: 8 STEM Concepts Kids Learn through Drones

Drones and EdTech

Education technology (EdTech) is a growing market today, where teachers and learners can take advantage of emerging tech tools for enhanced learning. Drones and flying apps introduce kids to the realm of edtech, which has many useful applications for all areas of STEM. 

Early interactions with edtech give kids greater opportunities to learn skills they can use in life and their future careers. There are tons of edtech options available today: check out this list for teachers

Research-Backed Drone Curriculum

It doesn’t take a scientific study to know that kids love using drones. Flying machines – who doesn’t want to get their hands on one? 

The entire Drone Legends idea began when founder Scott Buell realized how badly kids wanted to learn to fly drones whenever there was one available. (All the time. Every time.) And now, through years of research and development we have made a purposeful drone curriculum possible. 

Research has shown that problem-based learning (PBL) has positive results for students learning engineering, math, and other technical subjects. Although originally intended for university and high school students, PBL is now used in classrooms for kids as young as preschool age.

Improving a modern STEM curriculum that kids can comprehend requires results-driven learning combined with skills that stick. 

This is what we’ve created at Drone Legends. And we believe every school can benefit from this method of using drones in learning. 

Find Drones for School: Buy NOW for Next School Year!

To use drones in school, get prepared before you’re overwhelmed with the rest of your school year prep. Whether you’re totally new to teaching drones or you want to enhance an existing learning method this upcoming school year, Drone Legends is here to make it easy for you. 

There are lots of new drone programs popping up at schools worldwide. 

Are you ready to make your school the next one in your community? Reach out to the Drone Legends team today to get started. We’re here to support — from lift off to every mission after.