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  • Drone Research and Application

    Drone Research and Application

    Drones are changing the world. Through every industry, drones strengthen human productivity and can even reach beyond machine capabilities. One of the biggest fields that drones are taking to new heights: research. Who knew drones would have such a huge impact on the way researchers collect and interpret information? To learn how drones are affecting…

  • Drones and Hurricane Ian Rescue

    Drones and Hurricane Ian Rescue

    On September 28, 2022, Hurricane Ian quickly became a Category 4 hurricane as it lurched towards the west coast of Florida. The hurricane’s wind speeds reached 155 mph, just 2 shy of a Category 5 hurricane. Millions of Florida residents braced themselves for impact. By the next day, Hurricane Ian would become one of the…

  • Round Up of Stories about Drones and Learning

    Round Up of Stories about Drones and Learning

    Drones have taken the world of educational technology (edtech) by storm. Stories about drones and learning have been a huge feel-good moment this year, showcasing the incredible possibility of drone STEM curriculum, activities, courses, camps, and more. There are a ton of teachers out there killing it, using drones in the classroom safely and effectively…