At Drone Legends, we really love drones. 

And not just because they’re cool, or exciting, or because they’ll soon be able to deliver ice cream directly to your front door. (Okay, that’s part of it.)

The real reason we love drones is that they’re capable of helping children achieve things they never thought possible. And we see it in action every day: high-tech, teamwork-oriented drone workshops supercharge curiosity for kids of all backgrounds and personalities. 

What are drone maker workshops and how do kids benefit from them? Keep reading to learn about these magical experiences that instill a passion for STEM into kids and equip them with real-world skills for the 21st century (and beyond)!

What are Maker Workshops?

In education, a maker space is a designated area of the classroom that fosters hands-on, creative experimentation. Maker workshops are of a similar concept, although they don’t need to take place in the classroom— they can take place anywhere.

Typically set up as group gatherings, maker workshops facilitate problem-solving and learning through play. Think of maker workshops as active learning experiences designed to connect technical concepts to real-life skills. Learners work toward an expected outcome, often related to technology or computer equipment. 

Drone-based maker workshops are led by experienced professionals who are passionate about drones and STEM education. In Drone Legends workshops, for example, participants get to fly their own drones, work together to solve complex problems, have fun engaging with the world’s fastest-growing technology, and learn about the many different ways that drones can be used. 

Drones + Robotics, Engineering, Design, and More Maker Skills

Robotics, drones, and other maker skills invite a deeper understanding of STEM principles to design and build, and both can be used to teach these same principles to students. 

Drones provide many real-world applications of STEM, such as:

  • Students learn about aerodynamics by flying their own drones and understanding how flight works. 
  • Students learn about physics by experimenting with how different drone designs affect flight. 
  • Through robotics kits, kids get a hands-on approach to learning through assembling and programming. This also helps students understand complex concepts like algorithms and sensors.
  • Kids practice soft skills like teamwork and collaboration when working with classmates to complete a kids’ drone project.

Whether you’re teaching math, science, engineering, or even art, integrating drones and robotics into your lesson plans can help spark your students’ creativity and get them excited about learning.

Maker Workshops and Drones: Real-World Examples

Wondering what combining drones with maker workshops looks like in the real world? Here are three examples we love.

Maker Faire Drone Workshops

At the drone segment of Maker Faire Philadelphia, attendees learn about the latest developments in drone technology and how to build their own drones. The workshop begins with a presentation on the basics of drone technology, including how to choose the right type of drone and operate it effectively. Attendees then build their own drones from scratch, using materials provided by the workshop. 

Once they have assembled their drones, participants fly them in the Maker Faire Philadelphia Drone Arena. They go home with a new understanding of how to build and use technology, and an increased curiosity about STEM robotics.

Drone Maker Workshop

Avishkaar maker workshops help kids learn about STEAM skills through drone making. The drone-focused workshops start with a session on the basics of drones, covering topics such as how they fly and how to control them. Kids then get to build their own drones, using materials provided by the workshop. 

Once their drones are built, kids get to test them out and see how they work. Learners practice drone safety and experiment with STEAM skills such as engineering and robotics. Throughout the workshop, kids are encouraged to ask questions and share their ideas, making it a fun and interactive learning experience.

DroneBot Workshops

DroneBot Workshop is a website dedicated to helping students learn about robotics and STEM topics. The site offers a wide range of resources, including tutorials, how-to videos, and an online community where students can ask questions and share ideas. 

In addition to providing valuable information and support, DroneBot Workshop offers a wide range of scholarships and grants to encourage students to pursue careers in robotics and STEM. Thanks to its dedication to education, drone workshops are ensuring that the next generation of leaders is well-equipped to meet future STEM challenges.

Drones and Maker Spaces

There are many benefits to building and using drones as part of traditional maker spaces, both for individuals and society as a whole. Drones can help people learn new skills and build careers for the modern world. Drone building and flying require a high degree of coordination and problem-solving, making them great for developing technological career skills. 

Maker spaces also provide a collaborative environment where people of all ages can come together to share ideas and create new things. From introducing basic drones for 5th grade and 6th grade students to more advanced lessons on drones for middle school students, anyone can gain exposure to STEM concepts in a fun and creative way. 

Drone workshops support STEM curriculum as early as 4th grade. Ultimately, drone building and maker spaces offer countless personal and professional development opportunities for kids and adults: everyone comes together to learn, think critically, and have fun.

Find a Drone Maker Program

At Drone Legends, we offer a comprehensive drone education program for kids of every age— as well as professional development for educators. 

Our mission? Equip students with the skills they need to become the next generation of drone innovators and STEM-savvy professionals. In addition to our drone curriculum and educational program, we also offer a variety of fun and exciting drone racing events for kids of all skill levels. 

Whether your child is new to drones or already an experienced pilot, a drone-based STEM curriculum is challenging and engaging. We believe that drones offer the perfect way to combine education with entertainment, and we’re here to help educators do it effectively. 

Ready to facilitate a drone maker workshop for kids? Reach out to learn more and get your students excited about learning and making!