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STEM Teaching Tools and Training:
Sharpen Your Skills

To stay cutting-edge in a tech-first world, teachers who want to excel at STEM need to invest in professional development. Drone Legends is here to make that easy.


Your students already see you as a hero. We do too.

Professional Development With Drone Legends

Session 1 - Technology

Session 2 - Curriculum

STEM Teaching &
Professional Development

“How to teach STEM if I’m not a tech person?” Even if you are tecchie, teaching science, technology, engineering, and math is a lot to ask of any one person. Add art to that (for STEAM), and it can feel overwhelming.

But you don’t have to do it all, and you certainly don’t have to do it all right away. Professional development for STEM teachers (or any teachers) is a pursuit of lifelong learning. Just like we want students to feel equipped and empowered to explore the world, your growth in this area should be a source of joy.

Even though Drone Legends is all about providing drones for classrooms and drones for the kids, teachers are the heroes that make it happen. Because we view it that way, we go above-and-beyond to provide you with training opportunities for our drone-based programs.

Our goal? To make it easier for you to be great.

Teaching Students About Drones

The good news is that learning to teach students about drones, or any STEM concept, strengthens you as an educator. Conveying concepts for optimal retention, while maximizing engagement and meeting essential standards, is a big ask. That’s why we break it down into two phases, and offer professional development opportunities for growth.

At Drone Legends, we believe in big, bold, beautiful futures for teachers and students alike. When we venture into new territory and try new things, it shapes us in critical ways:

Teacher Outcomes

  • Remove the fear around teaching new technology

  • Become more curious, intuitive, and confident

  • Acquire valuable skills for career security

Student Outcomes


  • Gain the courage to explore new possibilities

  • Become more adaptive, inquisitive, and brave

  • Learn how to learn through hands-on explorations

What Does it Look Like?

Here’s a peek behind the scenes into our professional development materials: