Drone Legends

As they prepare to enter middle school, 5th grade students are refining the skills they’ve learned in upper elementary school. STEM education is an excellent way to prepare students for the future, and drones for 5th grade students can enhance STEM learning.

Drones aren’t just toys, they’re also powerful educational tools, and when used in the classroom, drone learning can align with educational standards as well. 

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5th Grade STEM

With a growing number of schools implementing STEM education, educators are always looking for new ways to bring STEM learning into the classroom. Even though STEM education is sometimes viewed as an addition to the school day, STEM learning is important enough to be considered an essential part of the school day

In 5th grade, students are learning concepts such as:

  • Structure and properties of matter
  • Cause and effect
  • Scale, proportion, and quantity
  • Write and interpret numerical expressions
  • Applying understanding of multiplication and division
  • Engaging in argument from evidence


Let’s look at how drones can be used to enhance the learning process for these concepts.

STEM + Drones for 5th Graders

There’s no doubt about it. The benefits of drones in the classroom reach across all subjects in STEM education. One study even showed how drones in education can help students develop skills such as spatial visualization and sequencing. Here’s how drones can specifically connect to each subject in 5th grade.

5th Grade Science → Drones

5th grade students are starting to answer questions about matter and the world around them. One way to help students make a connection to the real world is to show them how drone footage is used in environmental research and after natural disasters to help save lives. To bring these ideas home, try letting students fly a drone over your school to gather their own footage.

Students also learn about energy in 5th grade and how it relates to matter. Use examples of how drones are used in energy production to discuss the importance of drone technology.  

5th Grade Math → Drones

One aspect of 5th grade math standards is the ability to apply and extend previous understandings of multiplication and division. Since drones are an excellent tool for remediation, use drones in the classroom to reinforce multiplication and division skills. 

This could look like practicing measurement skills by measuring the speed of a drone or the length, width, and height of a drone. You can also include fractions in this process since drones can be a great way to bring fractional word problems to life

5th Grade Reading & Writing → Drones

In 5th grade reading, students identify key ideas and details in a story. They can then apply these skills to their writing by creating stories and essays with specific details and descriptive writing.

One way to use drones to enhance reading and writing is to have students describe details about a drone-captured image. You can also have students capture their own images, focusing on the specific details of an object.

5th Grade Art → Drones

Drones aren’t just for teaching technical skills- they can also help students develop creative skills. One way to have students bring out their creativity using drones is to have them create their own videos or images and then draw what they see. Some high school students have gotten creative and even designed drones to create their own art.

5th Grade Standards & Drones

Keeping your lessons aligned with the standards is a top priority for educators. Drones are an effective way to engage students in STEM education and apply educational standards in a practical way.

Drone skills aren’t just for hobbyists. In numerous fields including healthcare, law enforcement, and movie production, drone pilots are actually in high demand. Drone learning can be applied to nearly any subject and can help students learn skills such as problem-solving and critical thinking as well.

Drone Ideas for 5th Graders

5th grade is a year for students to build upon what they learned in upper elementary and prepare for what lies ahead in middle school. Aside from specific lessons, drones can also be used to:

    • Teach coding
      Programming is a necessary skill in many jobs nowadays, and drones can be an excellent way to teach students the basics. 
    • Encourage physical activity
      Use drones as an incentive to encourage physical activity by having students race against a drone or add drones to other outdoor games and activities to make them more engaging.
    • Build problem-solving skills
      Allow students to problem-solve and work together to assemble their own drone. This process will help students practice teamwork and fortitude as they learn about each part of the drone.

Best Drones for 5th Graders

When you’re looking at using drones in your 5th grade classroom, you might wonder how to choose the right drone. For 5th grade students, you want to choose a drone that is:

  • Easy to learn
  • Easy to fly
  • Lightweight
  • Safe for indoor use

Among the various drone models out there, finding the best one will depend on the drone features you’ll need in your classroom.

Drones + STEM = 5th Grade Students Ready for Blast Off!

Drones are an excellent tool to have in any 5th grade classroom. As your students prepare for their first year of middle school, drones can enhance STEM learning in your classroom and help students build practical skills.

Prepare your students for the next step in their education by providing them with skills they can use in a future career.

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