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Drones in the Classroom: An Interview with Mark Kaercher

The Importance of Drones in the Classroom

The Drone Legends team recently interviewed Mark Kaercher, a math teacher of over 25 years who now runs a sixth grade Innovation Lab. We discussed what it’s like to run his learning/simulation center and how Mark connected with Drone Legends. We asked Mark how the Drone Legends curriculum has impacted his students and why he […]

Drones and Construction

drones and construction

Drone technology is building a better world for all of us. Literally! Drones in the construction industry are bringing a wide range of benefits and improvements that make job sites safer, more productive, and more effective.  At Drone Legends, we believe that educating the next generation about drone technology is important to cultivate impactful and […]

Drones and Disaster Relief

drones and rescue

Imagine an affordable flying robotic tool that could support disaster relief workers in their efforts to save lives and protect ecosystems. Does it sound too good to be true? Let us introduce you to the latest disaster-relief drones and the heroic people who pilot them.  Recently, drones have been supporting relief efforts across the globe. […]

Why Start Career Technical Education (CTE) in Elementary School?

career technical education

Most traditional academic experiences lack real-world connection and preparation for future careers. This is a problem that experts in Career Technical Education (CTE) are addressing. The world is changing. The skills of tomorrow aren’t all learned in a classroom. Many hands-on fields are advancing beyond things historically associated with CTE. Yes, that’s where young adults […]

Drones and Police

drones and police

Law enforcement agencies have a history of embracing cutting-edge technologies.  From fingerprints and DNA evidence to machine learning and artificial intelligence, police departments use advanced tools to keep our world safe. Drone technology is always getting better, making it more affordable and effective for all types of uses. The police, fire departments, and emergency services […]

8 STEM Concepts Kids Learn Through Drones

STEM concepts

Drones and STEM are… an ideal pairing. Pretty much every high priority STEM concept is reinforced when kids engage in our drone programs. Of course, just flying a drone around the yard isn’t (by osmosis or exposure or something) going to teach kids physics, math, engineering, etc. What is going to teach kids all of […]

Why STEM Curriculum Isn’t Enough (STEM Career Skills Matter, Too!)

stem career skills

Parents, educators, administrators: we’re all on the same side of “wanting kids to learn STEM.” The reason? Science, technology, engineering, and math represent the fastest-growing careers. In fact, experts estimate that 3.5 million STEM careers will exist, and need to be filled by the year 2025. The U.S. government is among many global entities that […]