careers from stem drone learning

Drones are one of the 21st century’s fastest growing technologies and with good reason! They are not only revolutionizing industries, but also creating entirely new fields of work. For young students and children, learning about these career pathways can all start with a passion for drones ignited by what they learned in the classroom. That’s one of the reasons why drones make a smart addition to any STEM education program

Here are four amazing drone-centric careers that could offer students exciting and rewarding jobs later on in their lives:


1. Engineer 

Behind every successful drone is a team of skilled engineers. Drones, especially in today’s world, are on the cutting edge of technology from space exploration to search and rescue. An engineer is needed to make sure the drones that are used in these applications fit the requirements. Drone engineers design, build, and maintain drones for their specific purposes, but they also work on improving drone performance, stability, and safety. These engineers can be employed in almost any field where drones are needed but are particularly in demand in the scientific and manufacturing industries.


2. Software Developer 

While drone engineers manage the physical aspects of drones, drone software developers are responsible for what’s going on inside the drone! Drones rely on software to do everything from flying through the air to creating amazing light shows. Drone software developers are needed to code and design programs that enable drones to perform specific tasks. Additionally, they create applications that enhance the capabilities of drones, such as aerial mapping and inspection tools. Industries that employ drone software developers include manufacturers, technology companies, and government agencies.


3. Photographer/Videographer

Drones have revolutionized videography and photography because they make it possible to take breathtaking aerial footage at a fraction of the cost of using a helicopter for example. Now, they are used to capture unique shots from angles never before imagined! With drones, videographers can take stunning aerial images for films, documentaries, individuals, and more. These professionals use their keen artistic eye and their unmatched piloting skills to push the art form forward. Drone photographers and videographers really put the “A” in “STEAM”!


4. Inspector 

Since drones can go places humans might not be able to reach, they are regularly used for inspection purposes. Architects and engineers use them to inspect infrastructure, like bridges, for damage and assess maintenance needs. Home inspectors and insurance companies often use them to assess damage in places that would otherwise be hard to get to, such as roofs and crawl spaces. They also help to keep workers safe since drones can inspect dangerous places without risking the safety of a human. Inspection careers offer an exciting blend of technology, problem-solving, and fieldwork.

As drone technology continues to evolve, so do the career possibilities. From piloting drones to engineering innovative systems, capturing stunning visuals, or inspecting critical infrastructure, these careers offer an exciting and rewarding future for those passionate about technology, innovation, and exploration. And what better way to inspire these passions than in the classroom? Request a quote from Drone Legends today to learn more about how we can help you be the STEM hero you are and unlock the legend inside your students!