Happy International Drone Day everyone! To celebrate all that drones do for us, we’d like to share five amazing “drones for good” applications!  Are you surprised by any?


Recently, we did a webinar with award-winning drone entertainers Verge Aero on how drones are reimagining aerial entertainment. Unlike fireworks, drones are silent and more precise. This offers a unique advantage for heavily populated areas. Additionally, drones are being made to make movies and shows. Movies like Guardians of the Galaxy, Jurassic World, and James Bond (just to name a few) have all used drone cinematography to make their movies stand out. One person turned his drone piloting hobby into a full time filming job and now does shots in movies that were previously impossible to do. 


Drones are used to push through frontiers and explore places (and planets) that we haven’t been to yet! Here on earth, drones are being used by scientific teams to map areas of Antarctica that we can’t explore by ourselves! This is huge for understanding the delicate biomes that exist here on earth because we can send a drone in without the risk of destruction or contamination by our clumsy human bodies.

Drones are being used to explore whole planets too! On Mars, the first flight ever was conducted by the drone Ingenuity. Ingenuity makes it possible to explore how future rovers and air-exploring drones can work together to map and understand our red neighbor. 


Drones have the important ability to reach places that are otherwise hard to get to. That is why they are perfect for getting critical medical equipment and medicines to rural or remote areas. Drones help to make health and wellness accessible to all humans, no matter who or where they are. Drones also save lives by aiding in search and rescue operations too. Their small size, nimble flight, and heat-sensing cameras help to make search and rescue as fast as possible. And since speed matters in search and rescue, especially for very young, very old, or injured people, drones can help to avoid tragedy.  


Drones are often used in forestry and conservation because of their ability to see everything from a bird’s eye view…literally! One use for drones in conservation that recently went viral is having drones be outfitted with taxidermied birds. Although it may sound silly, this helps researchers study bird populations, migrations patterns, and flight in a non-invasive way. 

As for maintaining biodiversity and healthy forests, drones are used to reforest areas that are otherwise hard for humans to reach. These drones use special technology to map targeted seeding sites, select the best locations, and even drop seeds and nutrients to kickstart the reseeding process. How cool is that?


Drones revolutionize STEM education because they help to expose children to the possibilities that science, physics, math, coding, and flight bring to the table. That’s why Drone Legends was born: to provide a STEM-themed experience that harnesses the magic of drones to make learning fun and engaging. The future is bright, and kids who get real-world experiences with engineering, coding, machines, and problem-solving have limitless opportunities.

Our drone curriculum helps educators and parents prepare children for an endless horizon of possibilities by engaging them in situations that encourage leadership, collaboration, respect, and self-control… all while working together as a team. If you want to learn more about what our drone-based curriculum can do for you, request a quote or demo today!