Hold on to your hats, Legends. We’ve got some big news. 

When it comes to changing the world, we believe together is better — wouldn’t you agree? 

The Drone Legends crew is over the moon to partner with the STEM superheroes over at Code Camp

Check it out:

code camp australia

What is Code Camp?

If you’re wondering what Code Camp is all about, we’re glad you asked. 

This incredible organization is Australia’s leading school holiday and after-school activities provider. Their ultimate mission is to empower kids through STEAM-based programming, specifically by teaching young heroes to design, code and create with confidence (sound familiar?).

Code Camp offers a range of fun activities to help launch planet earth’s future creators, from stop-motion animation and DJing music classes to coding basics and beyond. 

Returning students can learn the foundations of essential coding languages like JavaScript, HTML and CSS by designing their own games and building their own websites. How cool is that?

Our team is ecstatic to partner with the folks at Code Camp, especially since Australia means business when it comes to drones. In fact, the country just hosted the largest drone show in the southern hemisphere, featuring 500 drones! 

What is Drone Legends?

Here at Drone Legends, we believe that Inside Every Child Lives a Legend™. Our founding mission is to use the magic of drones to help every child discover their Legend inside. 

Our STEM curriculum works wonders in the classroom, as part of an after-school program, at home or as a summer camp enrichment activity. By working through themed missions, students learn to collaborate, communicate and solve mission problems based on real-world challenges that scientists and researchers face today.

By building structures, utilizing math skills and working together to program an autonomous drone flight with the magic of coding, our students learn a range of skills that will help them succeed as future innovators, problem-solvers and creators.

Drone Legends + Code Camp

A Drone Legends alliance with Code Camp is a partnership made in heaven. We both care deeply about empowering the next generation of learners, and in a world governed by technology, we recognize that STEM/STEAM is the best way to do it.

With our dual missions of equipping today’s youth with the tools they’ll need to succeed throughout their lifetimes, we can’t wait to start inspiring, delighting and TEACHING. 

The potential uses for drones seem endless. With industries ranging from agriculture and AI to logistics and even entertainment finding innovative ways to use drones, new career paths are opening up for today’s youth. In recent years, Australia has established itself as a leading authority when it comes to drone regulation and usage. 

In 2021, Drone Legends proudly sponsored the World of Drones and Robotics Congress International Design a Drone competition, sprouting two winning Legends: Ishaan Iyer and Jacob Cox.   

code camp australia

Dr. Catherine Ball, Australia’s top drone expert working out of Australian National University, firmly believes that getting kids interested in learning drones will help make Australia the world leader in the drone industry. Dr. Ball predicts that the 2032 Brisbane Olympics will rely heavily on the use of drones and AI technology, tools that will make it the most environmentally friendly Games ever held.

In Australia, drones have been used for projects like shark monitoring, reforestation efforts and delivering vaccines across Africa and to remote Australian locations.    

Animation and Drones Holiday Camp

We’re beyond proud of Drone Camp — our holiday camp collaboration with Code Camp. This program is exclusively licensed to Code Camp through Drone Legends and will soon be offered as an after-school program. 

As part of the Drone Camp program, students enjoy a range of fun, engaging activities like designing and building obstacle courses based on themed missions (lessons). Learners then navigate their drones through before coding a flightpath for an autonomous drone flight. 

The Drone Camp experience is educational, collaborative and just plain FUN.

What the Kids are Learning With Drones

The Code Camp and Drone Legends drone after-school program is a hands-on experience where kids learn all about drone safety and technology, movie making and ways that drones can be used to solve real-world problems, like monitoring koala populations, fighting bushfires, tracking sharks and delivering medical supplies. 

The Drone Camp curriculum encourages social-emotional development through collaboration, clear communication and helping kids solve problems inspired by real-world events. If a drone mission fails, kids and their peers evaluate the scenario, make adjustments and try again. This level of resilience is so important to help young Legends feel empowered when they are confronted with big challenges. 

Our drone lessons were specifically designed to promote problem-solving, critical thinking and creativity. This foundation of knowledge only builds upon itself. The skills learned at Drone Camp are highly transferable into other areas of life. That’s why each drone mission includes a reflection phase where students are encouraged to think outside of the box and consider new applications of the lessons they just learned.    

Drone Legends in AU: Global Impact for the Sake of Every Student

The value of collaboration is a core component of our drone-based STEM curriculum. We believe in teaching by doing, and we couldn’t be more excited than we are to live this truth by collaborating with Code Camp. 

Our goal isn’t to be the biggest, best organization out there. 

Our goal is to make a difference. 

A difference in the lives of children about to discover their dream careers.

A difference for parents, educators and caregivers who want to prepare their kids for the future.

A difference in the world, where STEM skills are crucial to solving our most urgent problems.

Together, we’re ready to bring the magic of drones to kids all across the world. 

If you’re an educator, camp leader or program director looking for ideas to keep kids engaged, delighted and always learning, consider using drones to teach STEM this upcoming spring break

To learn more about Drone Legends and our standards-aligned drone curriculum, visit our website or connect with our team with any questions. 

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