If you are a teacher, administrator or program leader of any kind, you need to recognize: Spring Break is just around the corner. In fact, summer camps are probably already in planning mode / pre-registration. But, one step at a time. 

Are You Ready for Spring Break This Year?

Spring Break 2022 is truly only a few weeks away, and if you are in administration, run an afterschool program, or work with school age kids in any capacity, we’re sure that’s on your radar.

Drones for Spring Break 2022

(Yes, we made that leap fast.)

First off, we’re excited to see how drones make their way into spring breaks around the world. Mostly because we’re excited at how drone STEM programs get kids engaged in learning. But also because adding drones to your spring break program increases your popularity in a major way. And if you’re in school administration or a program director, you know how important registration counts are to your revenue and ability to fund a quality spring break session.

Drone Spring Break

Drone spring break is a slam dunk. Drones are exciting, they’re experiential and kids don’t have to be hugely tech-inclined to enjoy them. For us, drone missions are the way to go. That’s how our STEM Fundamentals program is set up: students of all ages (but usually elementary school age) get access to a series of drone missions. 

They have to work together to solve a big problem or crisis, which jump-starts their creative thinking and problem solving processes. Then, they have to use a drone to actually solve the mission. This will include flying, maybe some light crashing, re-working and a whole lot of secret learning. We love watching the gears turn as kids learn how to use drones.

All that to say: yes use drones for spring break. Yes it will boost your registration numbers and get kids maximally engaged. Yes it will tee up your summer camp registrations (we all know a good spring break means a good summer camp). Yes you can use our drone curriculum. 

What Kinds of Drones to Use for Spring Break

If you’re an administrator or a teacher, we’re guessing a lot of questions pop up, mostly related to “how to teach kids to fly drones” and “is flying drones with kids safe?” First, all of the drones we recommend for kids are incredibly safe, not to mention durable and ultra-lightweight. Because of how lightweight they are, you can use the drones indoors, in your classroom, gym, rec room, or even home. For questions about FAA clearance, regulations, and more on the safety of drones, you can check out this article.

Back to the Point: How to Improve Spring Break Registration

While we’d love to say “use drones” is the whole tip, we actually have a whole lot more. We’re people with backgrounds in school, after school and enrichment program development, so we wanted to spark some ideas and tell you what’s worked for us.

Here you go.

?Announce the Curriculum and Theme With Flair

Remember this: with school-aged kids, the first ones you’re selling spring break to is… them. Kids need to get pumped up about what spring break is going to be like, and beg their parents for a spot in your program. You can do this in a bunch of creative ways:

  • Do a countdown
  • Make it a mystery with clues
  • Use creative handouts and graphics
  • Create tickets or other fun, tangible admission items
  • Add music, lights, the whole shebang

Kids love wacky, wild, and high energy. No matter what your year has been like, no matter what you’re dealing with now, having a good spring break depends a lot on your salesmanship. So, don’t be afraid to turn up the volume and build some excitement.

?Have Teachers do Some Promotion For You

Everyone wins if plenty of kids show up to spring break, so huddle up with your A-team and consider who’s on deck to do what (that’s step one) then how they can help you spread the word. If you’re using social media or a classroom management app, make sure they have access to share the announcements. Let them help you come up with themes or plan promotional ideas. 

Teachers are your frontline workers, so they know best what will appeal both to kiddos and parents. We strongly suspect a flyer or single announcement on Class Dojo probably won’t cut it – so think outside the box and consider how to grab attention in what could be a competitive year for spring break enrollment. 

?Have *KIDS* do Some Promotion for You

Think of them as micro-influencers. They may only know their family and close friends, but that’s a start. Here’s an eternal truth: Kids want to go to spring break with their friends. So, the more of their friends you can get into your spring break… you see how this goes. There are plenty of ways to have kids spread the word that you’re going to host the most awesome drone spring break program ever (we assume ;)):

  • SWAG: rubber bracelets, stickers, etc. with branding
  • Contests – mini-trials, scavenger hunts, any kind of “experiential marketing” they can enlist friends to help with
  • Media – kids love a good selfie, so have them film themselves (for a closed platform, like your classroom management app). They’ll share it. They just will.

?Launch an Invite-a-Friend Incentive

Most of us do the sibling discount gig, but an invite-a-friend incentive could be a good option, too. If you attach a dollar amount to it, you’ve got parents’ attention. Even if you don’t, you could offer freebies or prizes for kids who invite friends. Think: t-shirt, drawstring bag, little trinkets, or even a small $ gift card. Don’t want to spend an extra cent on it? Just make it a contest with a giant, visible way to add points or win. Get them excited to get their friends excited.

??Use Physical and Digital Promo Materials

Think hybrid when it comes to how you advertise for spring break this year. You don’t want to break up with brochures completely, but you do need to think outside the printable. Do a quick audit of all of your communication channels both with parents and the community (you want to market spring break to both). Some of the ways you may be able to market your spring break program in the community include:

  • Local directory listings (usually free)
  • Buying space in a local publication
  • The NextDoor app
  • Reddit threads
  • Private family Facebook groups (you may need to already be a member or get admin approval)
  • Your school or facility’s social media pages
  • Targeted email campaigns
  • SMS texting
  • YouTube video teasers
  • Going live to announce it on social media
  • Through paid PPC ads
  • Through paid social ads
  • Through your Google Business listing account

Remember that there are plenty of opportunities. You may need to turn up the volume a little bit, but a healthy and profitable spring break is well within reach. 

?Send Regular Reminders to Parents… Starting N-O-W

If you are in any kind of education administration, you know that parents need multiple reminders. They’re busy. They forget. They lose the piece of paper. We do it too. Life is busy, so you have to issue timely, consistent messaging and reminders to parents:

  • Spring Break is coming in X weeks
  • Spring Break will be in here X days
  • Are you registered for Spring Break?
  • Be sure to save your spot for Spring Break!
  • We’re doing DRONES this Spring Break – is Your Kid Coming?
  • Sign up for our Drone Spring Break program!
  • Spring Break with Drone Legends… it’s going to be epic!

Okay, we got a little brand-specific there at the end, but you got the idea. Get the word out, keep it out, and keep it top of mind. Also, make sure that once they’ve registered you continue to remind them that it’s coming.

Spring Break With Drone Legends

We’ve made some jokes here, but it is true that drone spring breaks will be a hot topic, trending worldwide as a way to get students engaged in STEM learning. If you’re still on the hunt for the perfect spring break program for your school, afterschool or enrichment program, look no further. Drone Legends could be perfect for you. 

We’ll hop on a discovery call to find out: book here.