Recently, I was asked why I made the pivot into education. Specifically, why drones? It got me thinking about the main purpose behind Drone Legends as a company and as an education program. 

That reason is to inspire character development in educators and students.

Here’s a preview of what that means to Drone Legends and the people we serve.

Why Drones?

I started Drone Legends as not only an educational program but a character development program. After spending nearly 25 years in marketing for ad agencies and medical companies, I decided it wasn’t the type of fulfilling work I wanted to do for the rest of my life. 

Having been a hobby drone enthusiast for several years, I always noticed groups of kids following me whenever I was out piloting my drone. These kids seemed to be in awe, and they really wanted to get their hands on the technology. 

A thought emerged: This is interesting. Things are different these days, and more kids tend to spend time indoors instead of outside building relationships or developing hands-on skills as we did in generations past. But whenever these kids see a drone in flight, they give the drone and its pilot their undivided attention. They want to interact and experience drones for themselves. 

I considered how drones could engage students— not just STEM students— further into active learning. 

Drones are ideal tools for STEM and discovery. Coding is a useful skill. Engineering is necessary. In the United States, we’re falling behind in science and technology. Math is hardly interesting to the average student. Since drones tend to attract all types of students, drones might attract more kids to these fields of study. 

Why “Legends”?

Every child has a Legend within them. Each of us has a capacity for greatness if we let ourselves realize that and build upon it. When it was time to name the brand, I wanted it to be something inspirational rather than just another tech company. 

Drone Legends was created as a community of educators and children, inspiring the next generation with the magic of drones to bring STEM education to students all around the world. 

How is Drone Legends Building Character?

Since forming Drone Legends two years ago, I think we’ve made tremendous strides. We’ve helped students achieve incredible things. We’ve impacted the lives of kids in multiple countries. 

But there’s so much more to be done.

Child or adult, we never stop learning. Each of us only gets one shot at life. People should think big and dream big. We continue to strive and build upon the knowledge and skills we already have.

I think of character-building like a river. Great people are always moving against the current, trying to make their way upstream. That’s what we want to inspire children to do as well. 

We build character by instilling the belief in kids that they’re capable. We encourage them to pursue curiosity and possibility. We want them to be proud of what they’ve accomplished, but to also know there’s more they can become.

The Importance of Self-Development for Educators 

Most teachers start their careers because they want to make a difference. But over time, that passion and drive can fade. Now, we have an opportunity to alter education amidst the changes and challenges we’ve faced during the pandemic. Leaders in education systems around the world have to do better. And teachers are faced with some powerful choices to cultivate grit, get creative, and invest in bigger dreams for what their impact could be. 

Character development is important for educators but it’s also important for society. We take it very seriously in how we train and support educators. Students are the end-users of the Drone Legends products, but teachers are the facilitators. We want them to be able to deliver on our promises.

As hard as it may be, positive change can come from major paradigm shifts. With the help of innovative tools and character building, teachers have a chance to help drive real change.

Drone Curriculum for Character Development

This is a huge topic for me because I take character development seriously, always trying to better myself mentally, physically, spiritually, and emotionally. I try to live the talk and walk the walk, embodying these values within myself and the team. 

This is what Drone Legends is all about: teaching kids that they are not only capable but responsible for their lives. 

Life can be hard. The future is unexpected. You’ve got to be ready for it. You have to take accountability for yourself. You also have to ask for support when you forget the bigger picture. 

That’s character. More than anything else, I want children to understand that.

If this resonates with you, I invite you to join our community founded on character and STEM education. Reach out to us at Drone Legends today to help make future legends.