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Education is changing, which means innovative education companies are on the rise. We’re here for it: the future of society is bright when we give students the tools they need to excel in real life. 

Science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM) are critical to learning and career development. Come along for the ride as we explore some of the most notable STEM education companies in the world today.

Well-Rounded STEM Education Companies

Innovative STEM startups see the need for intersectional education, which is why the following examples stand out as some of the best.


Teachers and students love the interactive STEM missions offered by LearningBlade. This company lets students solve real-world problem scenarios that directly impact the people and communities they care about. From online lessons to group projects to 3D printing, every subject of STEM is covered in a self-paced, comprehensive academic online tool.

Play Shifu

Founded in 2016, Shifu toys are becoming some of the most popular STEM gadgets for early childhood learners. The founders— two fathers interested in STEM— made Shifu with the vision of making screen time more productive and educational for young kids. Shifu games use tablets and augmented reality toys to immerse children in basic learning cues that solve problems and delight the senses in an age-appropriate way.


Acellus is one of the most research-backed accelerated learning tools today. It combines cognitive science with the latest technologies available for modern learners. Acellus founders know what holds kids back from learning, so they created a program that can be used for grades K-12 as a virtual tutoring alternative for overcoming STEM confusion.

Chef Koochooloo 

This is a unique one: Chef Koochooloo teaches STEM and art concepts through online cooking lessons— gamified. Not only do young learners develop an understanding of healthy eating, they learn the science, technology, engineering, and math concepts that apply to every lesson. Bonus: many lessons are bilingual for incredible stacked learning outcomes.


From STEM to art to cybersecurity, Sphero brings learning solutions to kids from Pre-K through 12th grade. They offer robot building guides, in-app activities, and plenty of educator resources created to enrich classrooms of all sizes. 

STEM Education Companies for Math

Math is a challenging subject to teach through technology— or at least it used to be. These education companies are proving it’s possible to help students learn the “M” in STEM (math) beyond the dreaded textbook. 

Prisms VR 

Founded in 2019, Prisms VR is the “new paradigm for math education”. This innovative learning solution teaches math through experiential movement and virtual reality, incorporating spatial reasoning and abstract vs physicality differentiation. The technology is available to parents, teachers, and administrators, especially those looking to recover student learning losses from the pandemic.


Students, teachers, and parents use Mathspace for its personalized math help and adaptive learning technology. Powered by real math geeks and AI, Mathspace lets teachers and learners alike view progress, focus on concepts that need the most practice, and experience collaborative math help for all learning types.


Bringing 21st-century skills to kids who struggle with math, Cuemath presents problem-solving solutions to make mathematical concepts “stick”. Cuemath is compliant with US Common Core, Cambridge International, and ICSE standards, all while teaching math to kids in a visual, logical, and intuitive way.

STEM Science Education Companies

Science is the umbrella of nearly every industry known to mankind. Taught correctly, many learners think science is cool (it is!) but interest and engagement drop off when concepts are no longer applicable to real life. Here are some STEM companies changing science education with impressive strides.

XReady Lab

The joy of learning science is as real as it can get with educational virtual reality. Bringing AI and VR STEM learning experiences to K-12 classrooms, XReady Lab helps schools set up an immersive student headset and class system. Students learn everything from photosynthesis to the human immune system to laws of refraction and more.


KnowAtom strives to get teachers and students involved in what really matters: science as it’s expressed in unbelievable (but real) world phenomena. With hands-on materials, professional development resources, and an NGSS-designed curriculum, KnowAtom continues to help classrooms in the U.S. improve their understanding of science at its best.

Mystery Science

As an online science curriculum for students from Kindergarten through fifth grade, Mystery Science reveals the wonders of the world to virtual and hybrid learners. Complete with digital homework sheets, Google Classroom integration, and hundreds of thought-provoking lesson questions, Mystery Science is loved by more than 3 million students and counting.

STEM Education Companies for Engineering

Engineering is a fun one for STEM learning because, well, kids like to build things and play with toys. Building toys, destroying made-up structures, troubleshooting, and coming up with clever solutions is the key ingredient to much of STEM comprehension, and the engineering aspect of it will blow your mind. 

Drone Legends

Drone Legends aims to unleash the legend within every child through STEM drone education and problem-based learning. Created “by teachers, for teachers”, Drone Legends supports classrooms, enrichment programs, kids’ camps, and character development initiatives for elementary through high school learning.


For kids who love to build things and play on the computer, RoboLink brings the best of both worlds together for significant educational outcomes. Students can choose from a variety of robotic build kits that aligns a standards-based curriculum with fun engineering exercises. Products can be used inside the classroom as a group or at home, individually.


It’s never too early to teach kids 3D modeling, mathematical thinking, or CAD (computer-aided design). BlocksCAD offers online tools for kids of all ages so they can kick start their visualization and design skills using block coding. It offers free self-starter internet courses, educator webinars, and more.

STEM Technology Education Companies 

Plenty of edtech companies are emerging as technology advances faster than you can say “career-ready skills”. With tech jobs only growing in demand, educators are desperate to equip students with in-depth knowledge of computers, coding, and internet etiquette. Fortunately, these companies help!


You probably won’t find a human heart sample or a space aircraft engine in the classroom, but zSpace makes it possible for students to observe exact replicas behind 3D glasses. Delivering career technical education (CTE) through AR/VR technology, the zSpace hardware and software allow students of all ages to get their hands on 360-degree, out-of-screen learning models. It’s pretty amazing.

Wonder Workshop

Wonder Workshop is a private company that teaches young children the science and art of robotic coding. Encouraging hands-on problem solving and delivering a unique futuristic curriculum, kids of all ages can get familiar with robots, no matter what their experience level.

Innova STEM 

On a mission to “empower kids to be innovative”, Innova STEM gives kids a chance to learn a variety of tech topics online. Students learn real skills in coding, VR/AR, media management, and robotics. Workshops are held online and accessible to both students and educators.


For college students who want to master computer science (CS), Edlyft provides virtual mentorship. Eflydt allows college and university students to create their own learning schedules, access a hub of practice problems, and meet 1:1 with CS experts— without having to wait in long classroom lines.

KinderLab Robotics

KinderLab introduces coding to kids ages four to seven with their signature KIBO robot. Children learn to build, program, and operate small wooden robots designed by a team of STEM experts and early childhood educators. The best part? No screens are required.

STEM Education Options for Social Emotional Learning

There’s a STEM education company for all pieces of the acronym. But the incredible potential of STEM learning doesn’t stop there. Many of these education companies strive to include social and emotional elements in learning outcomes. Social-emotional learning (SEL) includes social awareness, critical thinking, leadership skills, and relationship building, which are vital to the development of kids and teens.

Strategic Kids 

This STEM-based enrichment program, Strategic Kids, combines well-loved activities such as chess, magic tricks, Legos, and origami to advance students’ critical thinking and sportsmanship skills. They organize afterschool programs, summer camps, and online webinars for elementary students around the country.

Mastery Coding

Kids who love gaming tend to receive a lot of criticism from teachers and parents. Now, students can turn their gaming interests into career skills. Mastery Coding educates students on computer science, eSports career options, and gaming communications with the perfect amount of social-emotional learning (SEL).

Corporations Supporting STEM Innovation and Learning

STEM is such a vital part of our world that you don’t have to look far to notice major companies supporting STEM education. 

Amazon Web Services (AWS) offers free cloud computing courses and other self-paced educational options for online learners around the globe. 

The Microsoft TEALS Program (Technology Education and Literacy in Schools) offers equitable computer science education to high school students in hopes of expanding future career opportunities. 

One of the nation’s largest educational publishing companies, McGraw Hill received recognition as a top edtech contributor in 2022 for its ALEKS course assistant. ALEKS stands for Assessment and Learning in Knowledge Spaces. It incorporates AI to deliver personalized questioning and learning topics to help students tackle challenging course materials.

Interactive STEM Education Tools for Students

The most effective STEM learning methods are engaging, interactive, and problem-based. These up-and-coming educational companies know this— that’s why tech is integral to their designed learning models. At Drone Legends, we know the classroom is not what it used to be. Students need to experience not only the essential concepts of STEM subjects but also the real-world applications they actually care about. This is what these companies are doing, and it’s up to us educators to support long-term learning for generations to come.