There is a lot of growth projected for elementary and middle school STEM education programs. 

At Drone Legends, we know meeting educational standards is important. But equipping kids with the mindset to be Legendary is what will truly make a difference in their lives. 

What is the Drone Legends team up to? Here are some updates, straight from Founder and CEO Scott Buell, after the close of Q1 2022!

Company Growth & Encouraging Kids Through STEM

People are catching onto the Drone Legends vision, which is thrilling to our team.

There’s a mission behind what we’re doing: “Inside every child, there’s a Legend.” 

These aren’t just words to us. They’re our heartbeat, our calling, our motivation to get up early and stick with it late. It’s why we offer unlimited professional development, why we host workshops, why we ourselves get into schools to conduct these programs.

When a learning model is purpose-driven— leading with the child instead of just the tech— people’s hearts and minds are captured to rally around a cause. 

That’s what we’re doing (and aim to do) here at Drone Legends.

Recent STEM education data shows that out of 37 nations analyzed, the U.S. ranks 25th in mathematical literacy (Science and Engineering Indicators, 2022). The future of the economy depends on advancements in STEM, so why aren’t many education curricula “sticking”?

Kids are bored of textbook learning in science, tech, engineering, and math. They may not be able to see any reason to pursue STEM until they experience hands-on, engaging learning, which is why we use drones.

“Edutainment” for STEM Learning 

“Edutainment” is where education and entertainment intersect. Our roots are in education, always, and our curriculum is so effective because it’s academically rigorous. But it’s also bigger than any one person or learning model. It takes on a life of its own and evolves and adapts depending on the educator, leader, volunteer driving it, but also depending on the students involved.

Entertainment as a way to deliver high-quality education is the way forward, and it’s where we aspire to lead the way.

Brand Updates

We’re currently bringing on board some awesome creative minds that will help the Drone Legends brand story evolve. Within the next six months to a year, expect updates and new things that will “wow” you.

Team Updates

The Drone Legends team is growing! One of the most exciting parts of Drone Legends is getting to work with exceptional talent. We’re hiring new creatives, content developers, marketing experts, and customer service/support reps. 

It takes a great team to fulfill all the functional roles to reach a big goal. We strive to help all the educators, students, and customers we come in contact with every step of the way. 

Community Updates

This community starts with the teachers. Helping teachers implement drone curriculum is what we’re here to do. From the minute a teacher picks up the phone to call Drone Legends to the moment a child picks up a drone for the first time, we’ve got your back. We are always conceiving of new and improved ways to support teachers, equip teachers, and put teachers where they deserve to be: in a place of high esteem, as they steward the growth and development of young minds.

The last two years of Drone Legends taking off has been a wild ride. We have some of the strongest partnerships in the industry, bringing elite edtech to students worldwide. It’s amazing to see how this vision has a multiplier effect, because the truth is, we’re bringing something that administrators and teachers really need, and students really want.

As long as we keep our eyes on the prize — raising up the next gen of STEM talent — the sky’s the limit.

Better Resources for Teaching STEM and Drones

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