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You don’t have to be a STEM expert, you don’t have to even be a teacher — but we’ve got what you need to run a drones program.

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Teaching Drones

At Drone Legends, we have a big vision for teaching drones to kids, and it isn’t just about being in a classroom or academic enrichment program. We understand that STEM skills can be cultivated just about anywhere, and adults who teach STEM programs come from a variety of backgrounds. So, whether you are an expertly skilled STEM teacher, or a volunteer in an afterschool program, the Educator Lesson Planner will work for you.

Teacher Resources for our Drone Programs

We believe every person is destined to fulfill a unique role in this world. Kids need a STEM curriculum that addresses their holistic development, and that’s where our unique STEM + SEL pairing comes in. Drone Legends missions are only accomplished when strategic planning and critical thinking are carried out with compromise, teamwork, and bold decision-making.

Drone Legends continues to impress! My 9 & 11 y/o keep learning more about drone safety, function, application, design, operation and programming. On top of that, they are learning about aerial videography and how to edit their aerial videos. Safe learning environment and so much fun!

Drone Missions:
Guidance for Every Step

Since when has a comprehensive manual ever not come in handy? As an educator, you already know the power of tools like this. When you go to teach drones, you shouldn’t have to hunt and peck on the internet or amass your own technical documents. At least not when you’re using our drone curriculum.

As they go on these missions, adults can use the Educator Lesson Planner to lean in at important moments.

The Educator Lesson Planner is a key component of our turnkey STEM curriculum program, perfect for in school, in class, out of school, afterschool, you name it!

1. Pre-mission:


The lesson planner will let you scope out the mission sequence, ensuring you understand the end-to-end structure of the learning experience.

2. During the mission:

The lesson planner has slides for each mission, and scripts that go along for every single slide. These tie into the Mission Guide, so you don’t have to make anything up or wonder what to say next.

3. After the mission:

Want to extend the learning? At the end of every mission is a section for Teacher Background Knowledge, which goes deeper into a connection on a related subject, like science or geography. This keeps the party going, illustrating the principles behind what the mission accomplished, and sending kids into new topics for exploration.

Setting You Up for Success

You chose to work with kids, and we love that about you. One of our commitments as we created a drones learning program was to keep it simple. Drones touch a lot of complex areas — mechanics and engineering, design, coding, robotics — but we don’t want that to stop anyone. In fact, we want it to excite you. There is a wide world of possibilities, and if you love this, the kids you work with will too.

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