Drone Legends

Hands on Learning:
Drone Missions

The Student Mission Guide is the heart of our curriculum, and the launching point for every story-based mission.

Drone Legends
Student Mission Guide

The Drone Legends Student Mission Guide has everything the students need to complete the drone missions. Each mission is written as a story, which are cleverly designed to recreate real scenarios where STEM career skills would be used. The guide allows kids to navigate the mission independently, finding answers to their own questions along the way.

The guide makes it easy to allow autonomy and encourage independence (which is also great for self-esteem)!

An illustrated, geographic journey, led by Gimbal!​

Visual cues in each section to help you find different types of information.​

Checkpoints for mission stages, with STEM concepts explained.​

Photo and text-based guidance for mission steps.​

Definitions of key concepts and terms.​

Team roles modeled after real-world drone teams, and much, much more!​

STEM Project Based Learning Ideas

STEM hands-on learning research has told the universe one thing: kids need to be involved if they are going to retain new information. They need to fashion their own hypotheses and solve their own problems.

Drone Clubs

We like to think out-of-the-box, which is why our drones programs aren’t just meant for classroom environments. Because we provide a STEM curriculum, it’s the perfect content for drone clubs after school and qualifies as an academic enrichment, plus it’s crazy fun. Our alignment specialists have done the hard work of ensuring the right concepts and domains are covered, but all the kids know is their brilliant brains are engaged.

Drone Camp

During the entire lesson they need to communicate and join forces as a true team so each step can be completed successfully. They build the stage for the mission together.

STEM With a Drone: A Memorable Journey, with a Guide

Drones are an awesome way to get STEM learning in the classroom. Unlike a lot of other STEM applications, drones provide immediate feedback. Didn’t code it right? It won’t fly right. That leg of the mission wasn’t successful? The fail is obvious, and kids can do something about it.

The Student Mission Guide is expertly crafted to guide students through the story, giving them plenty of wins along the way.

In fact, all of the Drone Legends curriculum is designed to promote long-term learning. We are after real transformation, where everybody feels their true value and owns their status as a legend.

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