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Ready to Fly Drones for Kids? You need the Operations Manual

Turn kids into problem-solvers (plus find all the answers you need): the Operations Manual is your secret weapon to successful drone missions.​

Drone Kits for Kids,
With a Guide

The Drone Legends program is built on the premise the kids are inherently curious. Given the opportunity to get down and dirty, they’ll take it. After all, they are hardwired to ask questions and explore the world around them.

The Ops Manual takes away the “just ask the teacher” mentality, and gives students a resource to fact-find. Bonus: they develop the all-important STEM skill of learning to read technical writing.

Teaching Drones
Just got easy

Since when has a comprehensive manual ever not come in handy? As an educator, you already know the power of tools like this. When you go to teach drones, you shouldn’t have to hunt and peck on the internet or amass your own technical documents. At least not when you’re using our drone curriculum.

As an essential supportive component in our STEM program, the Operations Manual gives more detail on the important science, technology, engineering, and math concepts in play. With it, you can speak with authority and be sure kids understand the “why” behind their drone missions.

The Operations Manual is an asset that you cannot be without! The super clear contents (that covers every possible aspect needed), clear images and detailed, yet concise, text makes it easy for both teachers and students to follow and successfully use.
Instructor @ Drone Legends

Learning Drones
Just Got Fun

Okay, who are we kidding, learning drones has always been fun. But when kids feel frustrated, or unable to solve a problem, it’s essential they don’t give up! The Operations Manual ensures they stay true to their Legendary selves, and feel empowered along the way.

This resource provides additional technical info on coding, drones, the engineering design process, the structure of the course, and more. It’s the cherry on top of our STEM drones program, and a satisfactory way to learn more.

In School - Out of School
Anytime Exploration

At Drone Legends, we don’t want to give kids another lecture-based learning experience (although those are cool and have their place). Our project-based learning model gets kids up and moving, forces them to flex critical thinking skills and learn to work as a team.

The Operations Manual is a key component of our turnkey STEM curriculum program, perfect for in school, in class, out of school, afterschool, you name it!

We’re here for it. And we hope you are, too.

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