We recently had Tony from Verge Aero as a speaker on a Drone Legends webinar. Although the focus was how drones are used in the entertainment space, we learned so much more! Especially about the importance of STEM education and how school can be the perfect opportunity to show kids what their potential is. 

If you’d like, you can watch the full webinar recording here. But, if you don’t have time, here are the two main themes from the webinar:

The importance of STEM learning

The coolest thing about Verge Aero is that they are entrepreneurs that used their love of STEM to power something great. They took their collective interest in drones and turned their passions into an amazing concept. But where did they get this passion? School!

Tony said that it was a group project that made him build a drone from scratch that sparked his interest. Before that, he barely knew what drones were!

That’s why STEM programs are so important. They give students an opportunity to find their passions away from the “traditional” STEM pathways. Drone-based curriculum gives these students real experience that can power a real life career later down the line. 

Drones are always waiting for a new “non-traditional”  application

When Tony began Verge Aero, the drone entertainment industry did not exist. All they knew was that they all loved drones and that the entertainment market desperately needed something new and cool. 

Making something out of nothing is a trend in drones. From medicine delivery, to environmental conservation, and so much more: drones are always adding non-traditional applications to their roster. This flexibility is great for kids because it helps them to see outside the box and experiment beyond the “rules”. Open Mindedness and curiosity are two life skills that are hard to reach. However, with drones, these life skills become easier to gain for kids. 

The future of entertainment technology

Tony admitted that the cost of drone shows is way more than a typical fireworks display, but they offer so many cool benefits. First of all, they are totally silent. All dog owners in the country can probably agree that silent entertainment for the 4th of July or other major holiday would be amazing. Drones can be a lot more intricate than other forms of entertainment too. Since they are programmed using the platform that Verge Aero created, thousands of drones can be programmed at once to make amazing shapes, effects, and colors. Drones also can be flown indoors too! This means that cool light shows don’t just have to be outside or with lasers. Drones offer unique advantages to the entertainment industry that just don’t exist in other mediums. 

Overall, we had an amazing time speaking with Tony. It was great hearing from our audience, asking questions and really getting to know what the future for drones in entertainment. If you’d like to get your kids into drones, request a demo and see what our drone-based curriculum can do for you!