If you’re looking for a fun way to implement drones in your school, try playing drone games. These games can engage students and allow them to work together while fine-tuning their drone-flying skills.

Student learning can happen inside or outside of the classroom environment. No matter how students are learning, drones can be a fascinating way to engage students in STEM education.

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How to Use Drone Games in School

Every student loves an opportunity to play games in school. Teachers love when the games are educational too. Drone games can help students work on problem-solving and critical thinking while practicing drone skills.

Drone skills aren’t just cool techie skills students will never use. Drone pilots are in high demand nowadays, and drone flying skills are necessary for certain fields. They’re even becoming a critical part of the film industry. Regardless of what field students plan on going into, drone skills give them an advantage.

So there are benefits to having drone games in school, but what’s the best way to implement them? You have several options for drone games:

  • Plan a game day throughout the week
    It will take time and practice for your students to master their drone flying skills. You might plan for a different drone game once a week where the students can have fun and practice the skills they’ve learned.
  • Bring drone games to your after-school program
    These drone games would be perfect for after-school enrichment, whether you have a STEM club or a specific drone-related enrichment group. Most of them can be played either outdoors or in a gym and with teams of varying sizes.
  • Host a school-wide or grade-wide drone tournament
    Why not host a day of drone games for the school or a specific grade? This gives students a chance to show off what they’ve learned and apply their skills in a creative way. Hosting a drone tournament does take planning, but the students will love it.

There are numerous ways to fit drone games into your school day or after-school club. Let’s talk about what drone games students love the most.

Best Drone Game Ideas

Drone games can be a blast for kids of all ages. Whether you’re using these games in the classroom or after school, here are the best drone game ideas. 

Drone Racing

Drone races are a classic but fun way to play with drones. Students can race independently by trying to race the clock or do a head-to-head race where they compete against other players. You can even bring in a relay element where students can take turns racing the drone while competing against other teams. Drone races can help students practice their speed while team-building and learning sportsmanship. Afterward, you can help your students make a real-life connection by discussing drone racing leagues and other large-scale experiences.Code the Drones

Code the Drones can be used to help students practice their coding or as a way to introduce students to coding drones. Students can program their drones with different functions such as speed and lights, then present their drones for a competition. Coding can be intimidating for some students, but it’s a key part of learning how to operate a drone. Coding is for everyone, and even elementary students can learn how.

Drone Hide & Seek

Drone hide & seek is like regular hide and seek, but with drones. Students will start out by finding a hiding spot, and the seeker will control the drone. Once the seeker has counted and is ready to start looking, they’ll fly the drone around to look for the other students. They can hover the drone near the hiding spot when they find someone, and the person hiding should come out when they see the drone.

Drone Missions

Drone missions are a great way to simulate what drones often do in the real world- go on a mission! With this game, you can create a scenario such as a search-and-rescue mission where you must use drones for a rescue. If students enjoy this game, our curriculum offers drone-themed missions where students will work together to explore solutions to real-world problems.

Drone Obstacle Course

A drone obstacle course is a fun way for students to use all the skills they’ve learned and put their flying skills to the test. You can get creative with the obstacles by having students dodge certain objects or fly their drones through hoops. How challenging the obstacles are can depend on the age and skill level of the students, so it’s a great option for students of all ages.

Drone Games + Drone Curriculum = Best Day Ever

There are plenty of ways to play with drones, and even adding drones to classic games can make them more exciting. These drone game ideas can be included in your classroom routine, after-school activity, or as part of an end-of-quarter drone tournament.

However you decide to bring drone games to your school, they’re bound to be a hit. But you don’t have to limit your students to only using drones for special events. Drones and STEM education go hand in hand, and that’s why we created a drone curriculum to engage elementary and middle school students.

What are you waiting for? Find out how to bring our drone curriculum to your school today.