10 Ways to Use Drones in the Classroom

drones in the classroom

Seems like these days, educators are in a race to maximize the “hands-on” element of STEAM learning, and I love that. The truth is, kinesthetic learners and non-traditional learners have often been at a disadvantage. When the vast majority of academic ideas are conveyed through print or lecture, it can be hard even for very […]

PBS ‘Movers & Makers’ Features Drone Legends STEM Program Founder Scott Buell

WHYY Drone Legends

Are drones the key to unlocking STEM comprehension in today’s education system? Around the world, Drone Legends is a trailblazing new STEM curriculum in schools, education camps, and afterschool programs for young students. On April 18, 2022, PBS and NPR Philadelphia station WHYY broadcasted the company’s compelling story in a segment following Scott Buell, founder […]