Amazing STEM Influencers Changing Lives Online

stem teacher

Administer online learning through bite-sized entertainment on a social media feed and it becomes fun. There’s a reason why upcoming influencers are so trendy. In 2022 alone, the influencer market is estimated to reach $104 billion, and it’s only growing. Online creators have a lot to gain— and to give. Today, STEM educators are stepping […]

Drones and Construction

drones and construction

Drone technology is building a better world for all of us. Literally! Drones in the construction industry are bringing a wide range of benefits and improvements that make job sites safer, more productive, and more effective.  At Drone Legends, we believe that educating the next generation about drone technology is important to cultivate impactful and […]

Drones and Disaster Relief

drones and rescue

Imagine an affordable flying robotic tool that could support disaster relief workers in their efforts to save lives and protect ecosystems. Does it sound too good to be true? Let us introduce you to the latest disaster-relief drones and the heroic people who pilot them.  Recently, drones have been supporting relief efforts across the globe. […]

Drones and Movie Production

drones and movie production

Drones are advancing the field of STEM in incredible ways. But they’re also taking the arts industry to brilliant new levels, especially with so many possibilities of drone photography and film. In the same way the photograph revolutionized still art and video revolutionized photography, drones are changing the process for image creators everywhere. With new […]

Drones and the Environment

drones and the environment

Wouldn’t it be convenient if there were affordable, data-rich tools that could improve our lands, seas, and skies? There are. They’re called drones. And you already know we’re fans. If you care about the environment, read on to learn how drones can help humanity resolve environmental issues, learn more about where we live, and better […]

Drones and Agriculture: Drone Legends Interviews Dimitra

drones agriculture

This is the first in a series to inspire everyone in the Drone Legends community (administrators, educators, volunteers, parents, and kids) with a peek into how drones are used in the real world. First up, we’re exploring drones and agriculture. Ben Wark, a director from the international AgTech company, Dimitra, shared with us how drones […]

STEM Facts

stem facts

With all the buzz about STEM learning today, it’s fun to explore the facts about how STEM early on helps students succeed. To understand where we’re headed with science, technology, engineering, and math, first, we have to look at the current state of things, and what research tells us about what this means for the […]

Teachers’ Guide to the Best Edtech of 2022 (So Far!)

education technology

Education technology, or edtech, continues to experience change with the advancement of AI, software development, and widespread communication. After the impacts of the global pandemic, technology-driven education has been forced to transform for the better.  There’s a lot on the horizon for edtech and educators in every capacity. Keep your finger on the pulse: here […]

Updates From Drone Legends (April 2022)

drone legends scott buell

There is a lot of growth projected for elementary and middle school STEM education programs.  At Drone Legends, we know meeting educational standards is important. But equipping kids with the mindset to be Legendary is what will truly make a difference in their lives.  What is the Drone Legends team up to? Here are some […]

Drones for Kids: Best Features and Drone Models to Look For

drones for kids

When using drones in early education, kids have the chance to explore their world through new eyes. Drones are one of the most engaging (and fun!) ways to fuel the interest in STEM in the classroom. But even if teachers know this, starting a drone curriculum program – and even finding drones for kids – […]