Administer online learning through bite-sized entertainment on a social media feed and it becomes fun. There’s a reason why upcoming influencers are so trendy. In 2022 alone, the influencer market is estimated to reach $104 billion, and it’s only growing. Online creators have a lot to gain— and to give.

Today, STEM educators are stepping up to contribute to this #influenced phenomenon. And rightly so. STEM education needs to become widely available. Needs to go viral. Needs to start getting people excited.

To push this influence for good, we’re sharing some of the coolest STEM education influencers today. Whether you love science, tech, engineering, art, or math, an online role model is paving the pedagogical way.

Since today’s top influencer platforms are Instagram, YouTube, and TikTok, we include links to each creator’s handle if you want to follow along! 

STEAM Influencers

Amazing things happen when you combine creativity with STEM. Here are some STEM social media influencers who put the “A” (art) in STEAM!

Dr. Christine Liu 


Christine Liu is a PhD UC Berkeley scientist who makes science-inspired art. On the weekends, she’s a tattoo artist. 

Follow her creative science project, @twophoton, where she and her fellow scientist friend sell merchandise online. Her tattoo account,, showcases her science-focused ink featuring cells under a microscope to wildlife and astronomy figures.

Sarah: Brilliant Little BuJo


Sarah is a learning and productivity enthusiast who helps students plan, organize, and study more efficiently. She shares her fun bujo (“bullet journal”) designs for inspiration. Sarah also promotes the Flipd app— a study tracking software that was designed by women in STEM.

Lorena Soriano: Girl Change the World


Lorena Soriano is a corporate sustainability specialist who promotes ethical AI (artificial intelligence) and responsible tech use. She offers corporate consulting and coaching for STEM women, and creates content that inspires Latinas in business. Follow her for corporate, finance, business, and STEM content regularly. 

Latino STEM Alliance


The Latino STEM Alliance brings STEM education to underserved communities in Massachusetts. They share EdTech resources and inspiration for teachers and students. Their programs include robotics, coding, and more.

Follow The Latino STEM Alliance for program updates, online learning opportunities, and STEM content. 



GEMS Camps brings STEM experiences to underrepresented girls in middle school and high school. Its mission is to encourage STEM careers among today’s youth. Follow The GEMS Camp for content about mindset, girls in STEM, social justice, and STEM education funding.



AcaSTEMics is an initiative to develop future STEM professionals today. They create videos showcasing the results of STEM learning in the real world: observing buildings, testing toys, and tinkering with household items. They regularly share tips and advice on STEM learning and career development.

Follow AcaSTEMics and subscribe to their YouTube channel for STEM news, learning programs, and educational videos.

Dena: MissTechQueen


Dena, the MissTechQueen, is a technology teacher and enrichment educator for 1st through 4th-grade students. She’s a certified Google Ed teacher specializing in STEM for kids. Follow her Instagram, TikTok, and YouTube channel for the latest kids’ technology and STEM content.

Carol Davis: Teachers Are Terrific 


Carol Davis is an education specialist who shares tips and classroom STEM ideas with teachers everywhere. 

She began teaching STEM decades ago when it was new to education and had to create resources for her students and fellow educators. On her blog, Teachers Are Terrific, she provides fun, seasonal, and affordable STEM activities. Follow her social media to get influenced in STEM!

Famous STEM Leaders and Influencers

While good quality content outweighs someone’s vanity metrics, creators with massive follower counts often have these numbers for a reason. And yes, there is such a thing as viral STEM leaders on the internet. Here are a few.

Adam Savage


You might know of Adam from the popular TV show, MythBusters. He’s the comedic co-host with strawberry blonde hair and thick black glasses. 

Today, Adam’s the Editor in Chief at, a “community playground for makers”. Tested showcases DIY engineering and building projects with impressive results. Adam is also the creative director and host of SiliCon, a convention at Comic-Con that showcases the best tech, science, creativity, and gamers in STEAM. 

In his book, Every Tool is a Hammer, Adam shares his story and the insights of world-known makers around the world. Follow him to see what he’s building and making next.

Brooke Brown: Teach Outside the Box


Brooke Brown is a teacher specializing in STEM and literacy. She’s the creator of STEM Bins and the developer of Hand2Mind: a hands-on learning and discovery company helping kids achieve their potential.

Brooke is a curriculum contributor and author for Teachers Pay Teachers, helping elementary kids comprehend STEM concepts. She’s active on TikTok with fun, creative science lessons.

Abigail Harrison


Astronaut Abby is a biogeochemist, pilot, and aspiring astronaut. She founded The Mars Generation, a space and STEM outreach program and nonprofit.

Abby authored a children’s book, Dream Big!: How to Reach for Your Stars. Her book encourages kids to think about success and follow their interests in STEM. Follow her for astronomy facts and women in STEM empowerment.

“Mrs. B” Nancy Bullard 

Nancy is the creator of Science with Mrs. B, a series of social media videos that educate the public about biology, human anatomy, and what it’s like to undergo fertility treatment. She runs a popular science account with over 3 million TikTok followers. She’s been featured on the Today Show and Good Morning America.

Science Influencers

From biology to anatomy to geology, science is all the rage today. Check out these science influencers on Instagram and other social platforms.

Amy Atwater 


Amy is a paleontologist and self-proclaimed “Librarian of Rocks”. She’s a science communicator who writes about her paleontology experiences on her blog (which may not be suitable for kids, as she sometimes uses curse words). 

Follow Amy to see some of her unbelievable findings of fossils, rocks, and bones as she inspires people to learn about the physical history of the earth.

Janelle Letzen: Sushi Scientist 


Use sushi to teach science? Yes, please. Janelle Letzen is a PhD with John Hopkins Postdoctoral. She makes sushi into colorful, epic diagrams of human anatomy, followed by informative captions explaining her creations. 

Janelle received a research grant from NIH for the NHLBI (National Heart, Lung, and Blood Institute). Follow her account for fun and tasty science learning.

Dr. Erica Colon: Nitty Gritty Science


Erica Colon is a teacher, speaker, and author. She contributes curriculum for Teachers Pay Teachers via Nitty Gritty Science. Her lessons include life science, earth science, and physical science, covering everything from rockets and bugs to thermal energy and motion. 

She’s the founder of Champions for Science, a virtual conference platform for science teachers. Follow along for educational content and networking opportunities.

Dr. Kristen “Kaydubs”


Kristin is a professional scientist in Appalachia and a self-proclaimed nature nerd who blends science and hiking. She regularly shares contant about her plant findings and travels. She has a Patreon community but also posts free videos on her YouTube channel about botany and wildlife. 

Imogene Cancellare


Imogene is a conservation biologist who has a knack for snow leopard genetics— how cool is that? She’s a National Geographic explorer, science communicator, and science writer. You can read her publications and blog posts about biological conservation. Follow her for stunning nature photos, interesting Reels, and more.

Ashleigh Palinkas Williams 


Ashleigh is a marine scientist and anthropologist who shares photos of her day-to-day life. When she’s not working, she enjoys surfing, horseback riding, and scientific diving. Marine science students can follow her for fun ocean photos and career connection. 

Chloe the Scientist


Chloe is a biochemistry PhD student with a focus on the intersection of science, law, and public policy. She blogs about science education and molecular biology at She’s involved in early STEM education for kids and science advocacy. Follow her for educational, colorful, and interesting posts.

Trisha Stanley: Inspirational Laboratories


Trisha of shares science activities to teach kids in the classroom and at home. As a mom of 3 and a science educator, she regularly posts her recommendations for the latest science-related children’s books.

Chris Kesler 


Chris Kesler of creates lessons and resources for science teachers who want a simple, engaging curriculum. He offers professional development for elementary and middle school science educators. Chris is passionate about helping students engage and connect learning to the real world in ways that are interesting. Follow to learn how!

Technology Influencers 

Tech innovation is no longer reserved for young business guys in Silicon Valley. Here are some up-and-coming technology developers, early educator influencers, and women leaders in STEM tech.

Coding With Culture


Coding With Culture is bringing coding to black students and African American colleges. The organization teaches K-12th graders culturally relevant computer science and STEM classes, plus hosts STEM camps for kids. 

With a focus on project-based learning experiences, they’re equipping black students to pursue STEM studies long-term. Follow Coding with Culture for some epic inspirational content.

BLK Men in Tech


BLK Men in Tech (BMiT) is making technology careers accessible and inclusive. This October 2022, BMiT is hosting the THRIVE Conference in Florida. The conference networks students, educators, and tech leaders through a 4-day educational event that’s rich with technology, music, and social awareness.

BLK Men in Tech provides resources for students interested in studying technology. They also arrange scholarships for college students who want to pursue careers in tech, and aid funding for schools looking to bring technology classes to underserved groups. Follow to join the movement. 



iJustine is a viral tech influencer. With more than 7 million subscribers on YouTube, she regularly reviews the latest tech, video software, and video games upon release. She hosts a technology podcast, Same Brain, with her sister where they discuss tech products and the latest industry news. 

Engineering Influencers

Move over, textbooks! These engineering influencers are captivating the attention of STEM learners everywhere, and making all types of engineering not only fun but readily available. Follow these engineering educators as they inspire and build the future.

Denisa Kim


Denisa creates content about three things: science, beauty, and engineering. She’s a female engineer in biotech who doesn’t believe in sacrificing femininity in a “man’s industry”. 

Denisa is one of the “women in STEM” Instagram influencers who keeps it real in every way. She’s a FemTech enthusiast and the podcast host of What the V, where she interviews guests about women’s health and medical technology. 

Vanessa: The Civil Engineer


Vanessa is a civil engineer who specializes in transportation. Bonus: she’s an advocate for Women in STEM. As a first-generation Filipina engineer, she’s passionate about telling female students that anything is possible. Follow her for entertaining, engineer-niche content, and to connect with like-minded engineering professionals.

Dr. Kat Echazarreta 


Kat Voltage is an electrical engineer and science communicator who’s inspiring girls and women in STEM. She’s worked on five NASA space missions so far and publicly shares about her continuing studies in engineering. Check out Kat’s website and YouTube channel where she shares career advice and engineering study tips.

Dr. Shini Somara


Dr. Shini Somara is a mechanical engineer and computational fluid dynamicist. She’s the author of multiple children’s STEAM books including An Engineer Like Me. She is a TEDx Speaker as well as an engineering PhD mentor at Imperial College, London. 

Follow her on social media and listen to her podcast, Innervation, to gain insight about women in STEM. Her online presence also encourages diversity, equity, and inclusion in STEM fields. 

Michelle: She Who Dares, Wins


Michelle, known on YouTube as She Who Dares, Wins, is a construction engineer who shares STEM and career support. She writes blog posts about different inspiring women in the field and shares her experiences balancing career and pregnancy. Michelle also runs an online shop selling engineering merch. 

Math Influencers 

Anyone who makes math go viral deserves a standing ovation. Here are the up and coming STEM influencers solving problems left and right, and helping society view mathematics in new light.

Math Antics

Math Antics on YouTube

With more than 2.6 million subscribers on YouTube, Math Antics continues to provide free math educational videos covering everything from arithmetic to algorithms and ratios. Videos combine math concepts, humor, and practical exercises to level up basic math skills and advanced math studies.

Alexis Loveraz


The “Math TikToker” Alexis Loveraz is a college student who loves teaching (and challenging) math learners. He teaches high school and college-level math through TikTok, and has been featured in Insider Magazine and the New York Post.

Silent Math


With over 1.4 million followers on TikTok, Miss Arlene AKA Silent Math is “spreading math love one video at a time”. Arlene is a young math teacher in Southern California who bridges the gap between math education to internet culture. She offers math tutoring via Zoom, algebra study guides, math games, and more. Follow her for colorful, fun, and relatable math concepts.

The Math Sorcerer

The Math Sorcerer on YouTube blends math lessons, inspiration, and comedy. He even offers free homework help online. Follow along and enjoy his short, daily math lessons that are typically under five minutes each.

Black Girl MATHgic


Brittany Rhodes, the creator of Black Girl MATHgic, is building a community that helps girls master their math confidence through educational gift boxes. Black Girl MATHgic is available to girls of all ethnicities and encourages a supportive, inclusive youth math culture across the U.S. 

Follow them for math quotes, product news, and female empowerment (plus their super cute branding).

The Chess Nerd


Zach AKA The Chess Nerd is a chess whiz and TikTok creator solely focused on chess. He’s a Twitch streamer and chess analyst who also runs an entertaining YouTube channel where he teaches chess tactics, history, and news. Follow him on social media if you love chess and strategy games!

STEM Influencers Helping Kids Learn

Most notably, here are some of today’s STEM influencers who are focusing on elementary and middle school education. These leaders make science, technology, engineering, and math interesting for kids around the world— a priceless mission if you ask us.

Drone Legends


Drone Legends facilitates STEM learning through a fun, hands-on drone curriculum for elementary school kids. With programs and camps throughout the U.S., New Zealand, and Australia, the Drone Legends community already impacts future generations of coders, engineers, scientists, and innovators. 

Follow along for content about the wonderful world of drones, and join the community of STEM education enthusiasts.

Shared Science


Shared Science is a Long Beach, CA STEM and STEAM education crew providing robotics, engineering, and creative computing lessons for K-12 students. They’re active on social media, including YouTube. They combine physical science and engineering concepts, often using LEGOs and robotics building for educational purposes. 

Shared Science organizes Tech Girls workshops, focusing on building the confidence of girls in STEM. The organization is sponsored by companies like Boeing, DirecTV, and Molina Healthcare.

The Homeschool Scientist 


The Homeschool Scientist provides science experiments and STEM lessons catered to homeschoolers. They aim to take the fear out of teaching science to kids, making STEM learning fun at home and in small learning groups. Follow for tips plus blog and freebie updates.

Brenda Mac: STEAMsational


Formerly known as Schooling a Monkey, STEAMsational shares STEM education content and learning activities. Brenda creates hands-on lessons for teachers and caregivers anywhere in the world. 

Activities are sorted by:

  • Age
  • Subject
  • Season 

Follow for inspiration and support for teachers, or if you need fresh ideas to interest your kids in STEM.

Mama Smiles 


MaryAnne Mama Smiles is an everyday, down-to-earth mom and educator who shares pieces of her life, focusing on parenting, education, and travel. Her husband is a Stanford Professor of Aeronautics and Astronautics, so their household is highly STEM-savvy. Follow her and read her blog for science and STEAM activities for home learning and homeschool.

Meredith Anderson


Speaking of STEM mom influencers on Instagram, Meredith is another engineer and mom who wanted to inspire families to get involved in STEM. On her blog, Momgineer, she provides tips and resources for parents and teachers to do so. 

Her content is helpful for kids of all ages. Follow if you share her vision to make STEM more accessible to kids everywhere. 

Natasha and Claire: Vivify STEM


Two moms— both aerospace engineers and STEM educators— provide STEM resources for K-12 students online. Claire is a K-8th STEM teacher, developing an engineering curriculum for elementary and middle schoolers. Natasha is a former engineer for the U.S. Department of the Navy, and the founder of Space Club: a program used by educators and libraries around the world.

Through Vivify STEM, Natasha and Claire help educators develop better STEM programs and manage STEM classrooms effectively. Follow to fuel your passion for STEM learning.

Wendy Goldfein & Cheryl Nelson: Get Caught Engineering 


Wendy and Cheryl are two STEM education enthusiasts who created Get Caught Engineering, which provides STEM learning materials for classrooms and parents. Between the two of them, they have seven adult children— all of who went into STEM careers!

More than influencers, they speak at STEM programs and education initiatives across the U.S. Follow their page for fun, kid-friendly educational content year-round. 

Become a STEM Influencer for Your Community

Viral influencers are relatable and entertaining. Needless to say, they’re important in the education space. But real, lasting influence begins right in your community. It begins with your school. It begins with you. 

At Drone Legends, we’re all about impacting the next generation of STEM leaders and innovators. That’s why we work so hard to spread the joy, amazement, and possibilities of STEM education.

To join this growing international STEM community, reach out to us. We’d love to connect!