We had a great webinar with Sheryl Chesnutt and TJ Bruster from the Boys & Girls Club of Rutherford County. We covered a variety of topics about how Drone Legends curriculum fits with the Boys and Girls club mission and so much more. If you want to see the whole webinar, please click here. If you don’t have the time right now to listen in, don’t worry! Here are the top three points our speakers brought up:

1. Every child benefits from being exposed to a new environment

As Sheryll said, “not every child is an athlete but every child does benefit from a new environment”. Exposing children to STEM programs that help build their confidence with technology and not tear them down is key to helping them discover their passions. Passions that otherwise might go undiscovered, especially within the communities that the Boys and Girls clubs serve.

Even though some students are excited, there are always others are more hesitant that have no idea what a drone even is. The teamwork with their peers, who are usually someone that they otherwise would have no interaction with, inspires them to get out of their comfort zone and try new things.

2. Drone programs inspire kids to think outside the box and beyond convention.

From film, to search and rescue, to entertainment, and more, drones have so many different uses. By having children learn about drones, they are inspired to think critically for themselves and get creative –  skills that are not so easily taught in a traditional classroom.

One example of this is a child TJ mentioned he had the pleasure of teaching. This student wanted nothing to do with school, drones, or learning. However, when she saw her peers get involved in the program (and realized she could use the drone to do what she really had interest in: make videos) she dove right into the program. She then continued to teach the other kids her new “purpose” for the drones and thrived in the program.

3. STEM programs are great for reinforcing what is taught in other lessons

All educators know that there is not one way to learn. Some children are more hands on, while others benefit from watching another before trying it themselves. That’s why Sheryll loves observing the kids be part of the Drone Legends program. They are using skills that they learned in class, such as math, critical thinking, reading and more, in  a way that extends their knowledge without them even realizing it.Repetition is key for learning and if you can offer reinforcement and repetition of a lesson in a fun and engaging way, kids are going to love it!

Much like the mission of the Boys and Girls Clubs, we want every child to reach their full potential. There is a legend in every child that is just waiting to be nurtured and guided. If our drone-based curriculum sounds like something that would enrich your classroom or program, request a time to chat so we can have a conversation on how this can benefit you