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Are Recreational Drones Safe for Kids?

drones safe

Drone hobbyists know how safe most recreational drones can be— as long as they are used responsibly. Parents who are unfamiliar with drones, however, might think an uncrewed vehicle (UAV) isn’t the safest thing in the world. And they’re right: although drones are extremely fun, they do require some safety precautions and spatial awareness.  Wondering […]

Drone Technology Education (for Kids!)

drone technology education

For kids, drones are always a fun time.  Let’s be honest, kids love tech.  But education? That’s not always a fun concept to a kid. So… what if we combine the three?  Enter: drone technology education.  Read on to learn how drones help kids learn STEM and develop real-world skills in unforgettably fun ways. Kids […]

Drone Clubs Near Me

Drone Clubs Near Me

Joining a drone club is THE FUNNEST way to learn and explore mechanics, flight, coding, and more. Many drone clubs are popping up these days, giving kids and adults a sharper knowledge of STEM in a hands-on, get-in-the-mix, work-together environment.  If you’re wondering where to get kids involved with drones or learn how to fly […]

Learning to Fly a Drone

learn to fly a drone

The first step to enjoying all the possibilities drones bring is learning to fly one properly. From military missions to at-home entertainment, drones are becoming a regular tool in society. STEM projects increasingly rely on drone operators, and basic drone navigation is sure to become common knowledge among students and future innovators.  Whether it be […]

Drones for Kids: Best Features and Drone Models to Look For

drones for kids

When using drones in early education, kids have the chance to explore their world through new eyes. Drones are one of the most engaging (and fun!) ways to fuel the interest in STEM in the classroom. But even if teachers know this, starting a drone curriculum program – and even finding drones for kids – […]

Is Your Kid Getting a Drone for Christmas?

drone for Christmas

We’d like to say “we’ve peeked under your tree and know what’s coming,” but we’re not quite that whimsical. I mean, we’re STEM people. What we do know is that drones for Christmas are a hot item this year, and at Drone Legends, we’re fully behind that! Drones as gifts are a great way to […]

Happy Holidays!

Happy Holidays! Did your kid just get a drone? Here’s our gift for you: a FREE Drone Legends STEM mission…for fun-filled flights! GET IT HERE! Follow us Facebook Linkedin Twitter Instagram Youtube Copyright © 2021 Drone Legends™ Drone Legends and the Drone Legends Logo are registered trademarks of Dynamic Learning Experiences, L.L.C. – All Rights […]

The Growth Mindset: You Aren’t Bad, You’re Growing!

“I am bad at math.”  If you are a math teacher, you’ve likely heard this statement many times. It is usually followed up with  “I don’t like math.”  Or the ever so popular trite,  “When am I ever going to use this in my real life?”  Math teachers hear these phrases or similar ones every […]