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Kids are capable of out-of-this-world achievements, and we think the sky is hardly the limit.


Turn up the volume with Drone Legends’ high-tech, teamwork-oriented curriculum for school, after-school, or camp → we’ve got a learning adventure ready to launch.

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Actively Curious Kids: Drone STEM Curriculum

All students are hungry to learn more, even if they’re not textbook academics. They’re also immersed in a world of videos, graphics, digital experiences, and on-demand interactions. How can educators activate curiosity when there’s so much to compete with? Our drone STEM curriculum is the best of all worlds, and uniquely designed to jump-start exploration.

Learn Through Experience: Drone Lesson Plans

No two kids learn the same way. It can be hard to capture and keep their attention. Our drone lesson plans and STEM curriculum offer standard-aligned projects, exciting storylines, and modern artwork. This is not your average program: and we’ve done all the heavy lifting for you.

Drone Education Curriculum: Built for You

At Drone Legends, we think teachers should be the heroes, so we make it easy. We provide a complete turnkey package, leaving you to the joy of delivery as you inspire young minds. You don’t have to be a coder, technologist, roboticist, or engineer. Our drone education curriculum provides lesson plans, step-by-step instructions, and all the resources you need to awaken the best in your students.

We Provide Drones for Kids:

We are Drone Legends!

Drone Legends was born out of a dream: to provide a STEM-themed experience that harnesses the magic of drones to make learning fun. The future is bright, and kids who get real-world experiences with engineering, coding, machines, and problem-solving have nothing but opportunities.

Our drone curriculum helps educators and parents prepare children for an endless horizon of possibilities by engaging them in situations that encourage leadership, collaboration, respect, and self-control… all while working as a team. Drones for kids are part of the classrooms of the future, and that future can start today.

Even the Best Learning Drone
Needs a Manual

The best drones for kids are tough, sturdy, and intuitive. But even those come with a learning curve. Drone Legends takes everything that’s exciting about drones and lays out a plan for how to teach kids important principles in science, physics, and engineering.


Our curriculum means your classroom, camp, or event is more than just a drone for kids to fly around: it’s about a holistic learning experience that gets every student — at every skill level — to participate with enthusiasm. 

These are the future designers, developers, and strategists of the world. Equip them with what they need to succeed… starting now!

The Drone Legends curriculum adapts to your needs!

They are learning so much through the program and I am so excited for them to have this meaningful opportunity despite the limitations from the pandemic. The Drone Legends goes way beyond learning to pilot drones and coding.
John Doe
Curriculum Development
@ Drone Legends

The group-work format teaches students the fundamental skills of working as a collective unit toward a common goal. They will learn life skills like communication and compromise, as well as perception and planning skills, like measuring distances, drawing maps and diagrams, and planning sequential processes.

A Full Drone Program:
Everything to Get Started

Make Teaching STEM Fun

Our unique STEM Fundamentals is an all-in-one curriculum package that uses safe, indoor drones. The curriculum is geared towards 4th-6th graders, but can be adapted for kids of all learning levels.

Why choose Drone Legends?

Built for educators, by educators

The Drone Legends STEM Fundamentals program is designed by teachers for teachers founded with one simple goal – to create the most engaging STEM/SEL educational program available for young children. An educational experience that we wanted when we were kids! Therefore we empower you in every step of the journey, so your best can awaken the best in your students.

STEM in the Classroom

Integrated STEM


Science, technology, engineering, (ART!), and math are all part of a comprehensive approach to STEAM, which is typified in our drone-based STEM Fundamentals curriculum.

Designed by Teachers

Developed for teachers by teachers this turnkey curriculum package empowers all teachers to be STEM teachers.



Drone Legends sells consistent and certified STEM Fundamentals curriculum, ensuring that you address all milestones and goals required.

Learning about Drones

This is the fastest-growing tech in the 21st century.

Emotional Learning

Mastering tech is empowering, and working well with others is key to self-esteem, camaraderie, and confidence. We believe in the value of kids learning through doing… and seeing wins with their friends.

End-to-End Support Portal

Get detailed instructions, classroom presentations, detailed lesson plans, and professional development opportunities: all in one easy-to-navigate portal.

Coding With Drones

Coding isn’t just trendy, it’s increasingly the foundation of technology in every industry. Drones are one of the best ways for kids to apply complex math and science concepts to real-world applications.

Tomorrow's Legends...

A lifetime of learning is on the table. Are the students in your life hungry to learn more? We are watching Drone Legends programs tap into inner greatness, unmask potential, and make kids feel brave and bold and awesome. That’s the magic of drones: the making of legends.