Time is up!

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At our June 19, 2021 Design a Drone webcast we asked you to think of a problem in the world, then create a drone design that will help to solve that problem.

If you missed the webcast you can watch it below.

This is a FREE STEM event open to kids grades 3 – 8. Please read the competition requirements at the bottom of this webpage.

Remember, no drone or drone knowledge is needed to participate, only enthusiasm and imagination! You can draw your design, paint it, mold it from clay and take a picture, create a slide presentation, create a paper cut out, a computer rendering, or even a video of you (or you and your friends) describing your drone design! It’s that simple!

Things to consider

  • Does the drone fly, crawl, walk, swim, dance, hop, or float?

  • Does the drone deliver something or remove something or work on something?

  • How can the drone take technology we already have and make it better?

  • What aspects of command and control does the drone have?

  • How smart is the drone?

  • Does the drone have sensors or eyes or whiskers?

  • How does it get powered up and stay moving?

  • What elements of mother nature does the drone have? This is called bio-inspired engineering.

Participants are required to:

  • Be within grade levels 3 – 8

  • Submit a release form/parental consent form via email (download form here)

  • Send all of the above requirements to contest@dronelegends.com or share a drive link (Google Drive or Dropbox or similar) by the closing date and time: Friday, September 10 @ 6:00 PM EDT.

*Tello drone subject to availability. Drone Legends reserves the right to substitute a replacement drone at its sole discretion. 

**You must register even if you are unable to attend the live webinar. The webinar will be recorded with a copy posted on this webpage for viewing for the duration of the competition.