Using Drones as an Engagement Tool in Remediation


When a student doesn’t initially grasp curriculum content with the rest of their class, it’s easy for them to feel discouraged. Good teachers identify and address these setbacks, then work with students to catch up.  Great teachers search high and low for new solutions that ensure every child has support when filling in these learning […]

Best STEM Education Companies 2022-2023

STEM education

Education is changing, which means innovative education companies are on the rise. We’re here for it: the future of society is bright when we give students the tools they need to excel in real life.  Science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM) are critical to learning and career development. Come along for the ride as we […]

Drones and Problem-Based Learning (PBL)

drones and problem based learning

Drones can help kids adopt a strong problem-solving approach to learning. They try. They fail. They immediately see how and why they failed. They troubleshoot. They try again. We love watching that grit grow, as kids need to persevere through problems and use all of their cognitive powers to find solutions. Drones and problem-based learning […]

STEM Facts

stem facts

With all the buzz about STEM learning today, it’s fun to explore the facts about how STEM early on helps students succeed. To understand where we’re headed with science, technology, engineering, and math, first, we have to look at the current state of things, and what research tells us about what this means for the […]

Drone Programs for Second Language Learners: Leveling the Playing Field Through STEM

stem ell

About the Author: Kim Collazo is a well-known Digital Integration Facilitator, STEM teacher and trainer, program director, author, and more! Connect with Kim on Twitter @kcollazo, on LinkedIn, and head to Amazon to buy her book, Emersyn Blake and the Spotted Salamander! Drone programs can level the playing field for second language learners. It’s true. STEM is […]

Drones and Educational Standards

drones and educational standards

Here’s what drones are not: Just toys Trivial A distraction Drones have become an incredibly valuable – and exciting – way to engage kids in STEM learning. Tying drones and educational standards together is how the effectiveness is amplified, and kids get truly hands-on classroom experiences. It’s important that anyone introducing drones into a classroom […]

Why We Should Be Teaching STEM With Drones to Fourth and Fifth Graders

stem with drones

By now, the idea of using drones to get students excited about STEM isn’t new. In fact, drones have become widely embraced as a great way to engage students in STEM subjects by providing a powerful intersection of diverse disciplines such as coding, physics, engineering, and mathematics. Most approaches to teaching STEM do a great […]

Teaching Drones to Kids: Classroom Management Tips

teaching drones to kids

When you’re introducing drones to your classroom, there are a few things you (as the educator or supervisor) and the students must clear up before any drone projects occur.  Starting a new drone STEM curriculum with students is a fun, fulfilling way to engage kids in hands-on learning. In my experience, drones give students a […]

Kids Drone Classes: Is This Relevant in the Real World?

kids drone classes

“When am I going to use this in real life?”  The fifth time that question was asked that year. It was my third week of teaching in my own classroom and it felt like that phrase was quickly becoming the chorus line of my (already overwhelming) job. By the end of that first year I […]

Ultimate Guide to Summer Camp Planning

drone summer camp

Summer camp can be… epic, unforgettable, the stuff childhood magical memories are made of. As an administrator, educator, or volunteer, your aim is to make that magic happen. As we approach summer camp 2022, most of us are in full-on planning mode. This ultimate guide to summer camp planning was whipped up by the team […]