Drone Legends

Educating Future Legends: The Journey of Learning with Drones in Fifth Grade

Kids learning STEM with drones

Once upon a time, in a small, lively classroom, Mrs. Smith introduced her fifth graders to a set of intriguing, buzzing drones. The students, usually restless after lunch, were suddenly wide-eyed with curiosity. This marked the beginning of an extraordinary journey, not just in STEM learning but in shaping life skills that extend far beyond […]

Where Dreams Take Flight: How the FPV Initiator Program is Prepping Tomorrow’s Tech Leaders

Imagine a world where your students aren’t just passively learning, but actively gearing up for the in-demand careers of tomorrow.    Drone Legends is offering classrooms just that with a transformative new program: FPV Initiator – Precision Drone Piloting Program. Designed to redefine learning and bridge the gap between classroom education and career readiness, this […]

Unleashing the Power of Drones: Top Learnings from ISTE Live 2023

ISTE Live 2023 has just concluded, and what an adventure! The Drone Legends booth was a flurry of activity, with our team engaging with passionate educators globally. From the hundreds of teachers with whom we spoke, we identified three themes that you told us were most important to you. Propelling Middle and High School Learning […]

Drone Curriculum for Elementary Schools: Tips and Best Practices

Students working on a drone

The use of drones has become increasingly popular in recent years, with applications ranging from military and commercial use to leisure and education. As a result, incorporating drones into the classroom has the potential to provide students with unique learning opportunities that engage them in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM) subjects, including coding.    […]