8 STEM Concepts Kids Learn Through Drones

STEM concepts

Drones and STEM are… an ideal pairing. Pretty much every high priority STEM concept is reinforced when kids engage in our drone programs. Of course, just flying a drone around the yard isn’t (by osmosis or exposure or something) going to teach kids physics, math, engineering, etc. What is going to teach kids all of […]

Are Drones in the Classroom Safe?

drone safety

Every time something “new,” “innovative,” or “high-tech” comes into the picture, the STEM community gets excited. Whenever we have an opportunity to facilitate hands-on learning experiences, it’s a good day. Here’s a general timeline of drones in education: 2014 – Recreational drones were on the market and sometimes used on sports fields for out-of-class learning […]

Why STEM Curriculum Isn’t Enough (STEM Career Skills Matter, Too!)

stem career skills

Parents, educators, administrators: we’re all on the same side of “wanting kids to learn STEM.” The reason? Science, technology, engineering, and math represent the fastest-growing careers. In fact, experts estimate that 3.5 million STEM careers will exist, and need to be filled by the year 2025. The U.S. government is among many global entities that […]

Why Drones are Great for STEM

As a math teacher, I’ve always wanted some tool that gives immediate visual evidence when calculations are incorrect – beyond the screen of a calculator. Imagine my surprise when I found that in a drone STEM program! I’ve experienced STEM through several different avenues: robotics, coding, trampolines, hydroponics, art, and more. Each of these did […]

8 Keys to a Successful Drone STEM Curriculum

Kids coding drones in the classroom

Let me guess: you’ve seen drones used for STEM education in the classroom on Facebook, YouTube, LinkedIn, or anywhere on the whole Internet. You’re curious. It looks amazing! The kids seem to be having a great time. What child wouldn’t like to spend their school day flying a drone? You’ve also heard that there are […]

Teaching Within the Zone of Proximal Development

A loud pop followed by the smell of burning plastic: that was the way the majority of my projects ended in my first university electronics course.  I was new to the physics major and had not yet taken the theoretical course on electricity and magnetism. The weekly lectures were of little help and I often […]

The Growth Mindset: You Aren’t Bad, You’re Growing!

“I am bad at math.”  If you are a math teacher, you’ve likely heard this statement many times. It is usually followed up with  “I don’t like math.”  Or the ever so popular trite,  “When am I ever going to use this in my real life?”  Math teachers hear these phrases or similar ones every […]

Why STEM Education Needs Inquiry

stem inquiry

STEM is an acronym that is sweeping the world. It stands for Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math. But STEM is more significant than its component parts. STEM seamlessly combines all four disciplines into one integrated study of how the world works. STEM is critical for young learners because it engages students deeply in the learning process […]

Let’s start coding!

kid coding

To prepare humanity for the next 100 years, we need more of our children to learn computer programming skills, regardless of their future profession. Along with reading and writing, the ability to program is going to define what an educated person is.”  — Salman Khan, Founder, Khan Academy It’s simple: our lives are becoming digital at […]